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9 Best Apps to Help You Stop Procrastinating ( 2024)

Every day, thousands of us fall into the trap of procrastination and feel disheartened when we can’t get things done.

I’m no exception to this world: I understand the frustrations of trying to stay productive and on top of our goals.

This is why you should take advantage of the best procrastination apps to help you get out of this vicious cycle and develop accountability, so you can finally achieve your goals.

In this post, you’ll discover the best apps to help you stop procrastinating and break old habits, develop new focus ones, set priorities, help you organize your life, and keep you on track. 

I’m a perfectionist procrastinator, so I know how this bad habit can ruin your life!

So what do you want to do?

Continue to move further and further away from your dreams, or finally change your life?

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What is an anti procrastination app?

An anti procrastination app ( or simply a procrastination app) is a specific tool that can help you overcome your procrastination habits as if it were an accountability partner.

They are helpful apps to manage your time better, remain focused and will give you the ability to track your progress in your battle against procrastination and its harmful effects.

Essentially, they’re productivity tools that are not substitutes for professional help but will assist you in identifying time-wasting activities and building positive habits.

Common features are setting weekly goals, focus sessions with a coach, tracking progress throughout various projects, and categorizing different tasks into categories such as “urgent” or “low priority” ( like the Eisenhower matrix).

They also include the ability to block websites and applications and eliminate distractions like social media that do nothing but disturb you.

So, if you’re a procrastinator or you want to improve your productivity, these apps can be a powerful ally.

How can procrastination apps benefit you?

Let’s put it this way: these apps help you stop wasting time and postpone essential things to do.

So, in terms of benefits, they will help you overcome laziness, be more productive and focused during the day, set your deadlines, and finally help you beat procrastination.

These apps use different systems; some use music, some help you organize tasks and track habits, and others help you block websites or apps that distract you.

The benefits you can enjoy will be increased motivation and performance.

Buyers Guide: How I conducted my research

Being passionate about productivity and methods to defeat procrastination, I decided to test them myself.

As I explain in my editorial guidelines, when I create a review or a tutorial, I want to use my personal experience to provide you with my honest feedback.

Since all these apps offer a free trial, I was able to test them in detail and create this comparison list, so you don’t have to waste time trying them one by one!

What are the best procrastination apps?



With over 2 million users, RescueTime is an automated timesheet and time management software that tracks and categorizes the time spent on computers and mobile devices, providing insights into how you manage your time.

Since there’s a close correlation between procrastination and time management, It will help you understand which activities to focus on and which waste time, drastically improving your productivity.

I personally tested it for months, and I can tell you it is perfect for personal use and improving your digital habits, but not for business or work management.

You can use a 14-day free trial to understand how this app works in detail.

Key Benefits

  • Time tracking and granular notifications to help you focus on your priorities
  • Its AI-powered software and data analysis will help you identify your weak spots
  • Detailed analytics that’ll help you understand your time usage
  • FocusTime features to designate “no-go” zones to block distracting websites and apps 
  • Tools for scheduling tasks, setting daily goals, getting reminders, and avoid procrastination


Rescuetime is a highly regarded anti-procrastination app that enables users to monitor and manage their activities online effectively.

It offers mainly offers two subscription plans:

  • Lite plan: It is free and offers basic features for time tracking and productivity analysis
  • Premium plan: $12 per user per month or $78 per year and offers advanced features like Focustime, goals and alert notifications, and advanced filters.

The premium plan, therefore offers many more features, ideal if you want to defeat procrastination once and for all.

Pros and Cons


  • Great quality-price ratio
  • Real-time Insights and Guidance
  • It really helps you stay on track


  • The mobile app lacks features compared to the desktop version, offering limited functionality and detail
  • Can have more detailed tracking features

My final thoughts

Although the app could be improved, Rescutime is an excellent ally for defeating procrastination and increasing productivity.

It is very simple to use, but at the same time very effective for improving your time management in everyday life.

It’s free with a premium version, which implements very interesting functions to speed up your progress.



Another app that is very simple to use and has over 30 million users is Todoist, which you find in second place in this ranking.

Toidoist is perfect for teams and collaborators who work on the same project and must coordinate, ensuring that no one negatively affects their team’s productivity.

Key Benefits

It’s incredible how easy this app is to use, even for people who don’t have much time to study it in detail like me.

Here are the key benefits of Todoist

  • User-Friendly Interface: I found it very easy to learn how to use Todoist, even if you have no experience with this type of app
  • Flexibility and Integration: Slack, Gmail, and Google Calendar are just some of the integrations you can take advantage of to improve your productivity
  • Advanced Features for collaborations: You can use priorities, filters, and reminders, to name a few to improve your task management 


Todoist Pricing

Todoist offers several pricing options to help you stay organized.

The app has a free plan that allows users to manage up to 5 projects and up to 3 filters

Then we have two paid plans:

  • Pro (Premium) Plan:  $4 per month if billed annually, or $5 per month if billed monthly, this plan includes advanced features such as labels, filters, file attachments, and reminders, making it suitable for users who require more robust task management capabilities.
  • Business Plan: Todoist also offers a Business plan designed for teams, with features tailored for collaborative work. The pricing for the Business plan is $6 per member per month if billed annually or $8 per member per month if billed monthly.

Pros and Cons


  • Simple and Powerful
  • Cross-Device Synchronization
  • Lots of customization options
  • NPL Feature


  • The free version is minimal

My Final Thoughts

Todoist is a very simple app, and it is tough to find some cons.

Thanks to its free version and paid plans, which are accessible to anyone, Todoist is one of the best apps for defeating procrastination and improving productivity every day.



According to the most recent procrastination statistics, most people surf the internet, wasting precious time they should dedicate to other, more critical activities.

If you see yourself in this situation, Freedom is the app for you, as it currently helps over 3 million people block distractions and improve their productivity.

Key Benefits

  • Websites and internet blocking: block all internet access for focused work sessions or only specific websites like Facebook or Instagram.
  • App Blocking: you can also block other apps, like emails or videogames on your phone.
  • Scheduling:  Instantly start or schedule future sessions, with recurring options for routine establishment
  • Browser Extensions: Complementary extensions for pausing, limiting, and tracking time on distracting sites.

Basically, Freedom offers all the fundamental features to allow you to concentrate and eliminate the main distractions that waste your time


freedom pricing

Freedom offers a subscription plan that is always free, while the paid version allows you to use this app on all your devices for just $3.50 a month.

It offers excellent value for money to block out your digital distractions finally!

Pros and Cons


  • Ease of Use: the app is very simple to use, even if you have never used procrastination apps
  • Effective Features: Freedom offers handy features to improve your productivity and avoid distractions
  • Good Customer Support


  • The Focus Sounds feature is not available on mobile devices



Trello is an online project management tool that offers a visual way to organize tasks and collaborate with your team.

I could give you many examples of procrastination in the workplace, one of the places where the most time is wasted.

With its kanban-style boards, you can prioritize, assign tasks, and track progress in real-time.

It offers boards, lists, and cards to help its users keep track of what’s being worked on, who’s working on what, and the project’s progress. 

Key Benefits

  • Trello follows the Kanban system, a popular methodology for achieving lean management
  • You can use Trello in different contexts, such as project management, brainstorming, meeting, and to improve your CRM
  • It offers custom automation to improve its user experience
  • You can integrate Trello with programs like Slack, Teams, Telegram and Gmail


trello pricing

Trello provides a simple pricing plan for their app.

The free version includes unlimited cards, power-ups, and the iOS or Android app.

Then, we have 3 different paid plans:

  • Standard: Priced at $5 per user per month if billed annually (or $6 billed monthly), this plan includes everything in the free plan, plus additional features such as unlimited boards, advanced checklists, custom fields, and more.
  • Premium: Priced at $10 per user per month if billed annually (or $12.50 billed monthly), the premium plan includes everything in the standard plan, as well as features like calendar views, timeline views, table views, dashboard views, and more.
  • Enterprise: The enterprise plan is priced at $17.50 per user per month, billed annually (with an annual price of $210.00 per user). It includes all the features from the premium plan along with organization-wide permissions, public board management, attachment permissions, and other advanced features.

Pros and Cons


  • Lots of customizable features like automation
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Affordable prices


  • It always requires an internet connection, which can sometimes be inconvenient.



If you want to conquer procrastination, you need to develop self-accountability.

And what is the better way to do this than being followed by a real coach?

This is what Goalswon offers: a powerful app to help you achieve your goals and be motivated by an expert every day.

Key Benefits

  • Real-Time Coaching: you will have a trainer at your disposal who will help you defeat your procrastination habits
  • Behavior Change Techniques: Coaches will help you implement science-based behavior change techniques to help you avoid go back to your old habits
  • Accountability Loop: you can submit your daily progress for your coach to review, creating an effective accountability loop


goalswon pricing

Goalswon is undoubtedly not the cheapest of the apps that will help you defeat procrastination, but it is the only one that allows you to interact with a real person.

It offers a 7-day trial, then the cost is $90 per month.

You can also choose the annual subscription at $720.

Pros and Cons


  • Personalized Coaching: You will receive personalized 1-on-1 coaching from experienced accountability professionals, providing tailored tactics, support, and focus on your journey to achieve your goals
  • Positive Behavior Change Techniques: GoalsWon employs science-based behavior change techniques to drive lasting change and get back on track, helping users achieve their targets


  • It can be costly compared to the previous apps



Focus@will is a totally different app from the previous ones.

This app uses the power of personalized music to help users increase their concentration for more productive work sessions.

It is based on listening to certain types of music, developed by neuroscientists, to help you concentrate better and consequently stop procrastinating.

Key Benefits

  1. Personalized Music Channels: Focus@Will uses scientifically proven personalized music channels to help users enter a state of flow and improve concentration while blocking distractions. It also claims to increase productivity by up to 400%.
  2. Gamification: The app has gamified features such as reward systems for focusing, which help users stay motivated and on track with their goals.
  3. Timer Function and Productivity Tracker: The app includes a timer function for work session intervals and a productivity tracking function to measure efficiency and focus
  4. The app is available on both Android and iOS platforms, and it has the ability to block distracting apps from the device itself.


focus@willi pricing

This very particular app offers a free one-week trial to test its features.

After that, you can choose between 2 subscription plans:

For Individuals:

  1. One Week Free Trial: Before any charges.
  2. Monthly Plan: Costs $9.99 per month or $7.49 per month with monthly billing.
  3. Yearly Plan: Priced at $69.99 annually, equivalent to $52.49 annually. This plan includes a savings equal to 5 months free.
  4. Two-Year Plan: Costs $119.99 for two years, which is $45.00 annually. Billed at $89.99 every two years. This plan saves 49% compared to monthly billing and is labeled “Most Popular.”

For Workplace (Focus@Will for Teams):

  1. 28 Day Free Trial.
  2. The pricing for teams is based on the number of users:
    • 5 to 10 Users: $2.75 per month per user, or $27.55 per year per user.
    • 11 to 25 Users: $2.25 per month per user, or $22.54 per year per user.
    • More than 25 Users: Requires contacting for pricing details.

Pros and Cons


  • Personalized Focus Music: Focus@Will offers a selection of music tailored to individual brain types that is specifically designed to enhance focus and productivity.
  • Neuroscience-Based Approach: The app’s music selection is based on neuroscience research, aiming to improve concentration and productivity.
  • Offline Mode: The app provides an offline mode, allowing users to listen to music without an internet connection
  • Productivity Tracker: Focus@Will includes a built-in productivity tracker to monitor progress.


  • Bugs and Glitches
  • The app could be improved

Focus To-Do

Focus To-Do

Focus To-Do is a task management app based on the Pomodoro technique applied to task organization.

It can help you stay focused and motivated to complete your tasks by providing features such as task management, reminders, time tracking, and reports.

Key Benefits

  • Pomodoro Timer: A timer that can be customized according to your preferences, with the option to include breaks, receive notifications, and enable continuous mode.
  • Task Management: You can arrange your tasks, schedule reminders, add sub-tasks, prioritize your to-do list, and estimate the amount of work involved.
  • Reports: offers statistics on-time distribution and completed tasks


Focus to-do provides a free and premium version.

The premium version has two payment schedules: $2.99 every three months or $8.99 for a lifetime subscription.

Cloud backup, data synchronization across devices, and the ability to set repeating tasks are among the key features that are available in the premium version.

Honestly, though, unless you have particular needs, I don’t feel like recommending the paid version, as the free one is already more than sufficient.

Rocket 135

Rocket 135 is a powerful app designed to help users break bad habits, overcome procrastination, and boost their productivity.

This app uses AI-based technology to block distracting websites and apps such as social media or streaming services so users can focus on the task at hand.

It also offers goal-tracking tools that are tailored to each individual’s needs and aspirations, helping them stay organized and motivated.

 Moreover, it has helpful features like activity tracking which records total productive time in order to measure progress over time.

Rocket 135 supports more devices than most other anti-procrastination apps, as well.

Pricing plans start at $1 per month for the basic version up to an annual subscription of $25 per year for premium features such as unlimited blocking period and session timer control locking feature.

Keep your workflow intact with the help of this sophisticated tool, and enjoy doing tasks without any distractions when you use Rocket 135!


Procrastination can ruin your life.

And these apps can help you defeat this enemy and regain control of your life.

So, if you always feel a lack of motivation and can’t stop postponing essential tasks, you should give a try to these apps.

Rescuetime is perfect for getting started, while Todoist is the best choice to improve productivity at work and teamwork, as well as Freedom and Trello.

All these procrastination apps have a free trial, so the best way to understand which one is best suited to your needs is to do like me: test them personally and decide for yourself which is your best ally to defeat your enemy!

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