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11 Best Focus Apps To Stop Wasting Your Time

Let’s be honest: nowadays, getting distracted and losing concentration is increasingly easier.

Phone distractions, social media, notifications, and new shiny objects are all more and more present in our lives, but they only make us waste time and not focus on our goals.

That’s why I decided to create my own ranking of the best focus apps that can help you get into a productive and concentrated mood based on my personal experience testing these tools.

As an account manager, freelancer, and sports lover, I need to maintain focus to get the best results and not waste time with useless activities.

Are you ready to enter the monk mode and improve your focus and concentration for real?

What are focusing apps?

Focusing apps are digital tools designed to boost your productivity by eliminating distractions and helping you stay on task.

They’re the secret weapon for anyone looking to improve their time management and direct their attention where it’s most needed.

They keep you away from the most common time wasters and distractions, so you can do more work in less time.

Imagine having someone gently tap you on the shoulder every time you start to drift off track, nudging you back to what’s important.

These top focus apps are able to increase your focus by:

  • Blocking distracting apps and websites such as Social Media or Forum; this let you work more efficiently and manage interruptions
  • Offering features like timers, work schedules, and the Pomodoro technique to help you spend your time better and stay focused during work sessions
  • Providing data on your work patterns and allowing you to analyze your performance 
  • Offering a community where everyone feels part of the same team and helps each other, like in the Flown app

So, these apps aren’t just about blocking stuff; they’re also smart at tracking your time on different things and helping you increase your attention span.

This way, you learn about where your time goes each day, which is essential.

How many times your day ends without you managing to do half of the things you set out to do?

And hey, who doesn’t love getting more things done without having to work longer hours?

It feels great when I check off everything on my list before dinner and finally relax.

Top 11 Focus Apps To Help You Boost Your Productivity in 2024

Here’s my personal top picks of the best apps for increasing your focus and productivity:

  • best app  for blocking distractions simultaneously on all your devices
  • RescueTime: tailored for time monitoring with included website blocking features
  • Flown: best body doubling app for deep focus session
  • Motion AI : the ultimate AI-driven planner for maximizing productivity and focus
  • Cold Turkey Blocker: best system-wide blocking on a scheduled
  • GoalsWon: an accountability coach always at your side
  • Forest App: a great app to stay focused and help the environment at the same time
  • Todoist: best to-do list app for getting things done
  • FocusBear: a great focus app for ADHD
  • SelfControl
  • Session


freedom dashboard

This powerful app is a game-changer for anyone looking to eliminate distractions and heighten concentration; its robust features ensure you stay on track, whatever the task at hand.

I use it every time I need to stay focused, and I know that I will probably get distracted by going to YouTube, Social Media, or other potentially dangerous sites for my concentration.

For example, when I have to write an article for my blog, I know I get easily distracted, especially when I’m not motivated.

Freedom, in this case, is crucial because it helps me avoid unnecessary distractions and stay focused.

It’s also one of the best Android app blockers I’ve ever used.

If you are looking for an economical but at the same time effective app, Freedom is the right choice for you.

Key Benefits

freedom key features
  • Blocks distracting websites and apps during focus session: I can choose which ones to block so I’m not tempted to waste time when I should be working.
  • Works on all devices: it works across multiple platforms like iOS or Android, tablet, or computer
  • Multiple blocklists: This allows me to create different lists for various activities or times of the day.
  • Optional focus sounds: If I need some background noise, this app has a range of sounds, such as a coffee shop, office, and nature sounds
  • Recurring session schedules: It’s easy to set up regular focus sessions for daily routines.
  • Locked mode: Once I start a focus session, it can’t be turned off—this really tests my self-discipline!
  • Unlimited website and app blocking: There’s no limit; if something distracts me, it goes into the blocklist.

My favorite feature is the Locked Mode.

Trust me, this is the best way to concentrate and work hard without distractions.

You can set it easily, as in the example below:

freedom app locked mode

Pros and Cons


  • Immediate website blocking
  • Offers ambient noises to improve focus
  • Locked mode prevents circumventing focus sessions
  • Quality customer support
  • Free version available


  • Focus sounds feature works only on the browser
  • The chrome extension is pretty useless


freedom pricing

Freedom offers three paid plans from which you can choose depending on your needs.

You can pick a yearly plan at $3.33 each month.

If you’re not ready for a year, go with the monthly option at $8.99 per month.

And if you love and want it forever, there’s a one-time price of $99.50.

Ready to block distractions and up your focus game?

Check out’s plans and find the best fit for your budget and goals.


rescuetime dashboard

If time flies by and you don’t understand why you can’t be as productive as you would like, then Rescuetime is the right app for you.

It’s an app designed to help you manage your time more effectively, based on a fully automated time-tracking software.

How it works?

It tracks the time you spend on various applications and websites, offering productivity rankings and reports to help you identify and eliminate time-wasting activities.

By doing so, it helps you stay focused and not be distracted every 30 seconds.

Key Benefits

rescuetime key features
  • Automatic Time Tracking: RescueTime records how much time I spend on different daily activities, so I know exactly which websites should be blocked
  • Distraction blocking: The app blocks websites and apps that might take away my attention from work.
  • Detailed reports: I always get graphs, goal setting, and visualization of both my productive and unproductive tasks
  • Focus goals: I can set specific goals for how long I want to concentrate on a task without getting sidetracked.
  • Focus Zone Alerts: RescueTime sends me alerts to remind me to stay focused when I visit a distracting website or when it’s time to take a break.
  • Schedule optimization: The app suggests changes to my daily routine to ensure I use my time wisely.
  • Available in Windows, Android, Mac, Linux, iO

Pros and Cons


  • Automatic Time Tracking
  • Distraction Blocking
  • Balance alerts
  • Productivity Insights and detailed reports


  • The interface is not user-friendly
  • The free version has restricted features


With RescueTime. you can choose a monthly subscription or save by paying for the whole year.

If you go monthly, it’s $12 each time.

Choose yearly, and it drops to $78, which is like getting six months free! 

Despite this, Rescuetime is definitely not the cheapest app, but it is one of the best tools to help users stay focused and achieve their goals.


flown app

Flown is a productivity app that is completely different from the others.

It doesn’t have the ability to block websites or stuff like that, but it’s based on the unique concept of virtual focus sessions conducted via video calls with small groups.

Its goal is to create a virtual community to help you become more accountable and work towards your goals.

And that’s why is one of the best ADHD apps, thanks to its ability to create a strong and solid community where everyone helps each other.

Key Benefits

flown key features

I love finding new ways to stay focused and get work done.

Flown is one of those apps that grabbed my attention with its unique features. Here’s what sets Flown apart:

  • Virtual Focus Sessions (Flocks): these focused work sessions are designed to help individuals stay concentrated and productive, particularly those who struggle with maintaining focus
  • Science-Backed Tools: the app draws inspiration from brain science and behavioral neuroscience, with the goal of assisting users in consistently achieving focus and creating optimal conditions for flow
  • Guided support in each session to keep you on track

Pros and Cons


  • Virtual guided session for daily focus
  • One of the best apps for people with ADHD
  • Sense of community
  • Guidance from a coach


  • It can be pricey compared to other apps


flown pricing

FLOWN provides a 30-day free trial with no need for a credit card.

Following the trial period, you can select from the following subscription plans:

  • Monthly subscription: $25/month
  • Yearly subscription: $19/month
  • Lifetime subscription: $675

I know it seems expensive compared to certain apps like Freedom or Motion, but it’s one of the cheapest apps to help you stay focused and accountable guided by a coach.

 So go ahead and give it a try; it just might be the tool you need to keep your focus sharp and your goals in sight.

Motion AI

motion ai dashboard

AI is increasingly widespread in our lives, and we must learn to take advantage of it.

Motion AI takes advantage of artificial intelligence, reducing distractions and enhancing productivity.

Essentially, is an AI assistant app that organizes your day and instructs you on your next steps.

It’s also a great productivity tool both for professionals and for teams, creating an agenda customized for you.

Key Benefits

motion ai key features
  • Comprehensive Project Management Tool: it offers the ability to manage not only single tasks but entire projects
  • Auto-Scheduling with AI
  • Real-Time Adjustments: If something unexpected comes up, Motion reshapes your schedule so you can stay on track without stress.
  • Analytics Insights: The app shows how you spend time, and you can make changes to improve productivity.
  • It offers a Browser Extension for simpler use

Pros and Cons


  • Automatically plan your  daily tasks
  • Tweaks your timetable dynamically
  • It guides its users to work smarter and more focused


  • Not so recommended for individuals
  • It has a fairly long learning curve


motion ai pricing

Motion has a simple price tag:

  • Individual Plan: $19 billed yearly or $34 billed yearly
  • Team Plan:$12 per user a month, billed annually or $20 per user billed monthly

It also offers a 7-day free trial, granting you access to all features, including automated AI-powered scheduling, task and project management, feature-rich meeting booking, and more

If you’re a busy individual like me, Motion can be the app tailored for you and will help you plan your day, prioritizing the most important tasks to focus on.

Cold Turkey Blocker

Cold Turkey Blocker is a focus app that offers features such as the ability to block specific websites and applications, schedule breaks from computer usage, and lock the block once it’s activated, making it difficult to stop the block once it’s in place.

And, let me tell you, it can be super specific with the block list.

There’s even this thing called Frozen Turkey that can lock you out of your computer!

No kidding; if you need serious work time, this is a game-changer.

They charge $39 for the Pro version of Cold Turkey Blocker—just once, and it’s yours forever.

That sounds like a good deal for something that helps you stay on track and get more done every day.



GoalsWon stands out with a unique approach.

This app is all about helping you smash your daily goals while staying focused.

It pairs you with a real-life accountability coach to keep you on track.

Every day, you can tell the app what you plan to do and check off tasks as you complete them.

Your coach then reviews your progress and offers tips or motivation for the next day.

This app blends high-tech with a personal touch; it’s like having a mini mentor in my pocket!

With GoalsWon, customizing your goal plans feels straightforward.

Plus, the interface is crisp and inviting, making it easy to use every day without feeling burdened by another complex tool.

Forest App

forest app

Forest App is super cool because it turns focus time into a game.

You plant a virtual tree, and if you stick to your work and don’t touch your phone, the tree grows.

It’s like having a fun little friend who cheers you on as you get stuff done!

If I need extra motivation, there’s this incredible part: Premium users can help plant real trees on Earth.

So not only do I stay on track with my tasks, but I also get to be a hero for the planet.

The app has lots of neat features that make staying focused easier.

 For example, I can look at my timeline and see all my progress, which is super satisfying.

Plus, it’s really easy to use; no complicated settings or buttons.

Just me, my goals, and growing trees in Forest App; I love how simple yet powerful it is!



FocusBear is one the best apps to help you focus, and its creator, Jeremy Nagel, knows very well how difficult it is to concentrate since he has ADHD.

Utilizing its capability to block distracting apps and websites, Focus Bear establishes a distraction-free environment, enabling users to focus on their tasks and accomplish their goals.

Whether you’re on a Mac, Windows, Android, or iOS device, Focus Bear is compatible with all your devices, offering a uniform and efficient solution to boost focus and productivity.

You can create and track daily habits and your goals as well, effortlessly blocking time-wasting websites and apps.

The downside? There’s no a free version of the app, but it costs only $5 per month.


todoist review

With Todoist, you can’t block desktop apps or websites, nor even have a personalized coach to help you stay focused.

So, why did I put in this list?

Because it’s one of the best to-do list apps, and when you know exactly what to do, you find it hard not to get your things done and complete your tasks.

It’s great because it does more than just remind you of tasks; it helps you organize them too.

You can set priorities due dates, and even share projects with friends or coworkers.

For me, this app turns a simple list into a powerful way to manage my day.

The best part about Todoist is its simplicity mixed with deep features.

You can add tasks quickly but also dig into details if needed.

There are labels for sorting tasks and features like Karma points that keep you motivated by tracking progress.

Plus, I don’t get lost in the app—it’s clear where everything is!

Try Todoist for free to see how it fits your workflow!

And if you need more power, they have premium plans too.


selfcontrol app

Amico, SelfControl is extremely hardcore; just make sure you know what you’re doing.


You can’t disable it once you’ve set it.

Those sites stay blocked even if you take the app off your computer and then put it back on. 

“It doesn’t matter; I will restart my Mac.”

 I’m sorry to tell you, but that doesn’t work either.

To disable it, you have to COMPLETELY reinstall macOS, which is insane.

This is the best blocking app but also the most dangerous.

The cool thing is that it’s totally free and easy to make work just how you want it to. 

If you need something simple but powerful to keep you away from time-wasting websites, give this app a try – your focus will thank you!


session focus app

Session is based on the Pomodoro technique, telling you when to focus and when to take short breaks.

When you set the timer, it’s to focus and work.

This app is cool because it can stop you from looking at other websites or apps that might make you lose focus during work time.

It offers a seamless sync of progress between iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices.

But, when it’s break time, everything goes back to normal, so you can relax.

There’s a free version and also a pro version, which is definitely expensive for what it does ( $4.99 per month).

So, I suggest you to stick to the free version.


Focus apps are a great ally to improve your concentration, get rid of common distractions, and help you overcome procrastination.

The last question is: which one should you choose?

Think about what you need most: is it blocking websites, tracking time, or something else?

For example, is the best app to block websites and help you focus better.

Flown, on the other hand, is more expensive, but it gives you the opportunity to participate in focus sessions with other people and develop self-accountability, which is key to focus.

Motion AI is perfect for leveraging artificial intelligence and creating the perfect day for both individuals and professionals.

And if you’re just looking for a to-do list to make your tasks clearer, Todoist is my secret weapon to get into a productive mood.

Most of these focus apps offers a free version or a free trial, so make sure to try them and choose the best for your needs!

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