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Freedom App Review: Boost Your Productivity And Focus In 2024

How many times a day do you look at a notification on your phone and find yourself scrolling through social media for hours?

With so many digital distractions, it’s really hard to concentrate on your work and improve your attention span.

That’s why focus apps are a great way to reduce these distractions, and Freedom is definitely my favorite one.

In this Freedom app review, I want to show you how this tool helped me significantly increase my focus and why it’s the perfect solution for everyone looking to reduce common time wasters and work better.

I’ve been using Freedom for a couple of months and I am delighted with the results. 

Having two jobs and always being very busy during my day, concentration is essential for me, and Freedom has helped me enormously.

Key Takeaways

  • Freedom App helps users break free from digital distractions, equipping them with powerful tools like customized blocklists and ‘no cheating mode’ to gain ultimate freedom.
  • The app offers three cost plans with additional benefits such as discounts on subscriptions or Todoist Premium months.
  • It is perfect for anyone who needs more focus and wants to effectively control online distractions, returning control over their time back into their hands without any outside noise!

Quick Verdict: Is The Freedom App Worth It?

Yes, Freedom is absolutely worth it.

Freedom App is a great tool to block distracting websites, apps, or even the entire internet on multiple devices; it is the best way to enter monk mode, stop wasting time, and be as productive as possible.

I love its extreme simplicity and how it helps you focus on what you need to do, allowing you to manage frequent distractions such as Social Media, Forums, and tempting websites like YouTube or Amazon.

It offers a free plan, a monthly or yearly subscription ( very cheap as well), and even a Forever Plan at $99,50.

What didn’t fully satisfy me, however, is the fact that Locked Mode could be extreme, as it is not possible to disable it until the end of the session.

I know it’s the only way to eliminate distractions if you need to focus, but it can be risky.

If you find yourself spending too much time on the wrong websites during your work, Freedom is a great ally to help you stop this bad habit!

Pros and Cons


  • Affordable prices
  • Enhances your willpower and ability to focus
  • You can create your custom blocklists and recurring sessions
  • Option to lock the entire internet for maximum discipline and productivity
  • productivity.
    Discounts on and free premium months of Todoist available for premium users


  • Focus sounds feature works only on the browser
  • Locked Mode can be risky

What is Freedom App?

freedom app review

Freedom is an app designed to help users break free from digital distractions and get their work done.

It works by blocking distracting websites, apps, notifications, and entire networks for a customizable amount of time so that you can focus on the task at hand.

With Freedom’s no-cheating mode that locks you out of specific sites while working and ambient sounds that promote better concentration, it offers one of the most comprehensive toolsets available to stay productive online.

The app allows you to create blocklists tailored specifically to your needs with different settings for workdays and weekends or low willpower days when extra restrictions are required.

Moreover, it supports all major operating systems such as Windows PC & Mac OS X/macOS desktop computers and iOS mobile devices such as iPhones and iPads – further guaranteeing flexibility in usage across platforms.

Who is it for?

The Freedom app is ideal for individuals or teams with difficulty managing digital distractions and want to improve their productivity and focus.

This could include writers, software developers, learners, entrepreneurs, students, or anyone else who needs to stay focused and get the most out of their day.

But also for any other person who realizes that they are too dependent on social media or other sites that distract them too much.

For instance, if you are writing a book or focusing on offline work in desktop applications like Microsoft Word or Scrivener, this app is particularly useful.

It could also come in handy while studying at home without wifi access, preparing lectures while people around you chat away in coffee shops (enabling blocked sessions), setting timer-based goals for practicing mindful habits such as writing practice sessions, and browsing less during certain hours.

Basically, the possibilities are endless!

Benefits of using it for productivity

Using Freedom app can have a range of benefitting effects on your productivity.

When you have no distractions or limit interruptions as much as possible, your efficiency inevitably increases, and you can work better and harder.

Maybe you want to block certain websites that you know will distract a lot, such as Social Media or Shopping websites like Amazon or Zalando.

When you use the app, you can choose the websites to block and with the Locked mode, you can’t just go back, so you can stay away from any temptation.

Freedom App Pricing

freedom app pricing

Freedom offers three types of plans, each tailored to suit the needs and budget of any user: 

  • monthly subscription for $ 8.99 that allows access to all features for one month
  • yearly plan offering an equivalent but discounted rate of $3.33 per month when billed annually at $39.99 per year,
  • Forever plan loaded with extra perks costing just one time fee of $199 for lifetime access.

Premium users receive discounts on subscriptions or free premium months on Todoist as part of their payment plan, which prove great value additions to use Freedom’s features like creating custom blocklists or Its locked mode feature during low willpower sessions, among other advantages.

My Personal opinion

I have been using the Freedom App for a couple of months now, and it has substantially impacted my productivity. 

As someone who often struggles to stay focused on tasks, I’ve found the automated blocking features particularly helpful in avoiding distractions online and accessing content that might be required for completing work or study tasks.

The app allows me to set up recurring block sessions and pre-defined blocklists of websites and apps that could be distracting during focus periods.

This added layer of commitment helps me push through willpower depletion times when motivation is low.

To be honest, I never use the focus sounds ( I prefer listen to my music), but it’s an interesting features that apps like Freedom usually include.

Freedom has proven itself an indispensable part of my daily workflow routine, something invaluable in getting both small tasks done quickly but also larger projects accomplished one step at a time without distraction!

Features Breakdown

Freedom app comes packed with powerful blocking capabilities that help users focus on their most important tasks, enabling them to regain control of their digital environment and reclaim their precious time.

Here’s a brief overview of what makes this app so useful.

Blocking websites and apps during focus sessions

Blocking websites is the key feature Freedom App offers, which is indeed the most important.

Freedom allows you to create a personal blocklist from its intuitive dashboard, where you can choose which sites to block and which not, as they may be useful to you and you need access to them.

freedom app blocklist

To be honest, almost all of the distracting sites are already there, but you still have the option to add more, like I did.

You also have the possibility to go “all-in”: in fact, you can use all the sites and apps on your desktop, so you are sure that nothing will distract you.

Then, all you have to do is choose how long your session will last and start it, to start working concentrated and without distractions.

freedom app block session

As you can see, it is an extremely easy app and you will learn how to use it after a few minutes.

Locked mode 

If you want to take your focus to the next level, then you should try the Locked Mode.

This feature requires a paid subscription, but it’s an effective blocker, especially when you are more lazy or prone to procrastination than usual.

freedom app locked mode

When enabled, you cannot log out of the app, quit the app or make changes to the blocklists during an active session; it’s just you, your laptop and your things to do.

This provides an additional layer of protection when self-discipline fails—perfect for tackling those moments where focus slips away.

Recurring and advanced focused session

Freedom also gives you the opportunity to schedule your session so that you will not be tempted not to activate the app.

freedom app scheduled session

For example, in the morning, I already know when I will have to concentrate the most during the day, so I plan them so as not to risk forgetting.

You can also set your recurring session, an incredible option for consistently training your brain for deep focus.

freedom app recurring session

As always, it is very simple to activate it, and you will only have to choose the days and times in which to use these sessions

Creating custom blocklists

As mentioned before, you can create your own custom blocklists, a feature that makes this app even more versatile.

I can restrict access to some sites that I don’t access often, but by blocking social media and other common distractions, I may be tempted to log in, thus eliminating the problem.

You can create as many blocklists as you want, if you don’t like the predefined list.

Syncing across devices

In my case, this feature is essential since I have both Android and Apple devices; I consider Freedom the best Android app blocker, thanks to its versatility to work on all these various devices.

The Freedom App works across any device you use — Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, or Android.

freedom app devices available

Furthermore, it’s incredibly convenient when switching from one device to another if your data is stored safely with an active sync feature, and you don’t need to separately download files whenever logging into a new device.

Using ambient sounds for better focus

The Freedom app helps users stay focused and boost their productivity by using ambient sounds.

To be honest, I’m not a big fan of this feature, but it definitely works.

You can choose between coffee shop sounds, office sounds, or Pomodor sounds, which consist of 25 minutes of sound to concentrate and another 5 to relax while taking a break

freedom sounds

And if you don’t like any of them, you can also pick up some music from to focus better

Other focus apps and websites to consider

  • RescueTime: RescueTime is a website monitoring and blocking tool that allows users to set productivity goals or block distracting sites while in ‘focus mode’. It also provides detailed reports on saved hours of productive work as well as summaries on how productive they were during the day/week/month etc.
  • Cold Turkey: With Cold Turkey users can create unique blocklists to limit themselves from their own specific distractions. Cold Turkey also features productivity tracking tools to monitor progress over time.
  • Forest App: The Forest App works based on the idea of planting seeds when starting work sessions with the promise you will not leave them until time runs out – or else your trees won’t survive! As an incentive it plants real trees in areas around need of reforestation with proceeds made through purchase of some premium offerings within the app itself—-a great way to use tech for good !


Freedom is an incredibly robust tool for those needing to stay focused and productive, regardless of their field.

It’s designed to help users customize the online environment around them to establish distraction-free focus routines that help them work smarter and better achieve desired outcomes.

In my case, it helped me stay away from sites that increasingly distract me, such as Youtube and Instagram, allowing me to work better.

So, if you’re looking for a reliable tool that can give you complete control over what comes in between you and accomplish great results, I highly recommend trying Freedom App today!

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