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My Honest Motion App Review (2024)

Project managers, small teams, and busy entrepreneurs.

If you fall into one of these categories, then you may have found the perfect productivity tool for you.

In this honest Motion review, I will share my personal experience with this all-in-one productivity tool and my final thoughts on this app. 

Small spoiler: it’s not suitable for everyone.

I will show you how Motion works, its key features, pros and cons, and if it is worth its price.

I tried  Motion to manage my personal agenda and with my team members.

This way, I can tell you if this tool is good for personal use or just for work.

Key Takeaways

  • Motion helps you to plan your day, making it great for busy people with lots of tasks and meetings.

    You can use the desktop app or use the motion mobile app.
  • It has a free 7-day trial and costs more monthly than other apps but it might save you precious time.
  • The app doesn’t do group polling or workflow automation yet, which other apps offer.
  • Features include calendar sync with Google Calendar and Outlook, Kanban board view for task management, and drag-and-drop organizing.
  • It is not ideal for those with simple schedules or who prefer pen and paper; it is better suited for professionals needing advanced scheduling.

Quick Verdict: Is Motion App Worth It?

Let’s suppose you’re a busy professional with a lot on your plate, or you need to manage your team better. 

In this case, Motion offers incredible features to help you manage a hectic agenda using artificial intelligence.

I tried Motion for a couple of weeks, and it is one of the best AI productivity tools.

In fact, Motion automatically creates a personalized calendar for you, better managing your day and giving priority to the most important tasks and events.

The AI-scheduling features can really change how you plan your day, scheduling meetings and managing tasks much smoother.

If you juggle many projects or run a team, this task management app can save you time and help keep everything in order.

But as I told you before, it’s not for everyone.

Motion might not be the best option if you’re working alone or have few appointments.

In this case, you can use another app to help you increase your focus and personal productivity, like Sunsama.

It’s also not the best pick if you are looking for to-do list apps or students with straightforward schedules.

But my advice is always to try it yourself and then come to a conclusion.

Motion offers a free trial, so why don’t give it a chance?

Pros and Cons

I’ve tried the Motion app, and let me tell you, it’s quite a help.

But like everything, it has its ups and downs.

Motion Pros

  • Impressive Auto-Scheduling
  • It has a Calendar integration
  • It helps you focus to prioritize your tasks and plan your day properly
  • You’ll experience an improved productivity

Motion Cons

  • It has a fairly high learning curve
  • The dashboard can be messy at first glance

What is Motion AI?

motion ai

Motion AI is an AI-powered productivity tool that serves as a comprehensive task management and calendar application.

It leverages AI to help individuals and small teams optimize their day by automatically scheduling tasks based on priority and available time on the calendar.

It’s one of my favorite focus apps to get your things done more smartly.

My favorite feature of Motion?

The ability to automatically organize your agenda based on your tasks and their relative priorities.

You can stop going crazy figuring out how to fit your commitments into your week.

This AI assistant will do it for you.

You can create new tasks in Motion, and the artificial intelligence will organize them automatically, like a real virtual assistant.

Who is it for?

Motion is an AI-powered tool designed for busy people who handle many tasks and projects. 

But as I told you before, it’s not for everyone.

You should use the app if you’re:

  • A CEO
  • An entrepreneur
  • A project manager or an account manager like me
  • You must handle a remote team
  • You love AI tools and you want Motion taking care of your agenda

In this case, you’ll love this AI calendar app

We can say it’s made for those whose calendars are packed and need that extra bit of tech magic to keep everything straight.

Who shouldn’t use Motion AI?

You should look for Motion alternatives if you’re:

  • a freelancer or solo entrepreneur
  • a student
  • you don’t have lots of meetings
  • you’re looking for a focus app or a to-do list app

So, if your days are pretty simple or always the same, this app could be more than you need.

Like I said, though, it may not be, but even freelancers or people who want to organize their schedule better will definitely benefit from an AI calendar that organizes their day’s tasks.

Also, if working on a computer isn’t your thing, or you love pen and paper to keep track of stuff, think twice about using Motion AI.

This app takes some learning to get used to.

If that sounds like too much work or money, then it’s probably best to pass on this one.

Key benefits of using Motion AI for your productivity

Motion comes with a lot of interesting features, in fact, is one of my favorite productivity apps.

  • Motion AI saves time each day by planning your schedule instead of doing it manually. It figures out when you should do every task.
  • This tool makes meeting scheduling much easier, without back-and-forth emails. It finds open slots in everyone’s calendar.
  • Motion connects seamlessly with Google Calendar and Outlook. Your whole workday syncs up perfectly with your work calendar

Thanks to its AI capabilities, Motion can dramatically increase your productivity by helping you plan your day, prioritize the most important things, and reschedule your commitments in case of unexpected events or emergencies

Motion Pricing

motion ai pricing

I’m sure you’ve heard many people claim that Motion is extremely expensive.

To be honest, I don’t think it is, as it is not a simple to-do list app, but a virtual assistant that helps you improve your time management.

So, how much does motion cost?

Plan TypeCost Per Month (Annual Billing)Cost Per Month (Monthly Billing)Free Trial
Individual$19$347 Days

You’ll notice two distinct plans: Individual and Team.

Cost efficiency comes with annual commitments.

Additionally, each plan is backed by a 7-day trial, giving you full feature access.

Whether you’re going solo or part of a team, there’s an option that fits.

Key Features Breakdown

Motion’s goal is to simplify and organize your day.

That’s why it has three main functions: Calendar, Projects, and Booking.

Each of these functions serves to help you better fit together all your commitments and maximize your productivity.

Let’s see it in detail.


motion app calendar

Motion has two main sections where you can add tasks: the Calendar and the Project Sections.

The Motion calendar is where you can see and create all your tasks, organized by artificial intelligence.

Obviously, you can choose whether to view the daily or weekly calendar, depending on how you are most comfortable.

Creating a new task in Motion is extremely simple: just go to the right and click on the blue “Add task” button.

how to add task in motion AI

After that, you just need to give Motion  some essential information such as:

  • the task name and its description
  • if it’s a recurring task or not
  • the duration
  • the deadline
  • when you want to do it (during your work hours, day, night etc)
motion Ai task information

Like every good calendar app, you can create your own personalized schedules or set the filters you need for greater customization.

Then, Motion uses AI to organize your calendar in the simplest and most productive way, based on the priorities and deadlines of your tasks.

Yes, that’s right, it’s just like having a virtual assistant organizing your day

This is what makes Motion unique.

Project Management View

Project Management View

Project management in the Motion app feels like having a smart assistant.

It lays out all your projects and tasks in one place, making it easy to see what’s next.

You can quickly check your team’s progress, set deadlines, and rearrange things.

You can choose between the classic view or the Kanban View, which I honestly prefer as I am used to using Todoist.

The operating principle is the same: when you create a project, you can add related tasks and assign them to a specific team member.

Then, Motion will use its AI scheduling features to organize tasks in the best possible way, which you can also see in the calendar section

With everything visible on one screen, staying on top of complex projects becomes simpler.


motion Ai booking feature

One of Motion’s best features is certainly the booking function, extremely simple and immediate for setting up meetings with your team.

The booking feature in Motion AI will allow you to create booking pages similar to Calendly, enabling you to share links externally and allow others to book meetings or appointments.

Since Motion integrates with Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook, you don’t need to re-enter all your appointments in the app.

You can share your availability and the time slots on your calendar with the rest of your team, allowing for the dynamic creation of booking links.

motion AI message for meetings

When a meeting is booked, it is automatically added to the user’s Motion calendar, and you can also see a questionnaire to gather necessary information from the end user.

The cool part is you have various methods to share your schedule with others.

For instance, you can establish a permanent booking link tailored to a particular type of meeting, determine the duration and location, decide on the inclusion of buffer time between meetings, and customize the appearance of your booking link.

You can also include questions that other participants must complete before booking, providing you with information even before the actual meeting.

Or you can just book meetings manually, selecting multiple available time slots on your calendar.

Let’s say you prefer to speak to someone specifically on a Monday; you can choose the available times throughout the day, and Motion will exclusively present those as booking options.

Motion AI Alternatives

Motion is a great productivity and planning tool, but of course, it’s not perfect.

It can be extremely cumbersome at first glance and, above all, not suitable for everyone, as previously mentioned.

Here are the best alternatives to Motion AI:

  • Sunsama: This app helps you focus by planning your day around tasks and calendar events. It mixes work with personal items smoothly.
  • Calendly: It’s a meeting scheduler that lets others pick a time to meet based on your availability. Very handy for avoiding back-and-forth emails.
  • ClickUp: ClickUp is more than just a calendar. It’s a whole workspace where you can manage projects, docs, and tasks all in one place.
  • Reclaim AI: This tool is smart! It blocks time in your calendar for work and adjusts as meetings pop up.
  • Akiflow: Akiflow combines tasks and calendars quickly. You can pull tasks from other apps into it too.

My Personal opinion

So, here’s what I think about Motion after several weeks of use

This scheduling tool could really change the game for people who need to manage their time well. 

It’s like having a smart assistant that knows exactly how you work and helps you stay on track.

If your days are packed with tasks and meetings, Motion is worth every penny.

In my case, Motion allows me to make planning simple and saves me from the headache of shifting things around when something new comes up.

In fact, every time I create a new task, Motion will reshuffle my calendar automatically and effortlessly

Sure, it may not have every single feature out there yet, but what it does offer is solid enough to boost productivity big-time.

Plus, being able to try everything out for a whole week without paying?

That’s pretty sweet in my book!


Motion is undoubtedly a versatile and very useful tool for increasing your productivity and better managing the commitments of your day or week.

Thanks to its unique AI features, it can organize your tasks as intelligently and profitably as possible, becoming a real virtual assistant. 

Is it an app for everyone? 

Absolutely not, in fact, I would recommend it in particular to small and medium teams or to figures such as project managers or very busy entrepreneurs.

But even for freelancers or individuals looking to increase their efficiency, Motion is a good quality-price compromise to improve your performance and stop wasting time during the day.

Its ai-calendar app will allow you to better organize your commitments without worrying when there are unexpected events or new tasks to add.

But if you’re ready to spend some time making the most of it, Motion will help you improve your productivity and organization to the max!

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