Losing Friends on Your Journey To Personal Growth

Why You’re Losing Friends on Your Journey To Personal Growth

The self-improvement process isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. 

In fact, you will find yourself faced with many difficulties, such as losing friends during personal growth.

To be honest, it happened to me too, and even though it may seem like an unpleasant event, I assure you that it is only a great opportunity. 

As we evolve, our social circles often grow and evolve too, sparking both opportunity and loss.

Unfortunately though, it’s hard to see it that way.

I was really terrified of losing my friends, but the reality is, they weren’t real friends.

Do you feel in the same situation? This blog post will help you clarify who you have next to you!

Key Takeaways

  • As you grow, you might change and need different things than before.
  • Sometimes, letting go of old friends is okay if they don’t help you become better.
  • New values and goals in your life can mean needing new friends who share them.
  • Goodbye to friends who bring bad vibes makes space for those who lift you up.
  • It’s normal for friends to drift apart when their paths go different ways.

Is it worth losing friends as you grow on your personal growth journey?

First of all, it’s okay to grieve when losing old relationships that have been in your life for a long time.

So, don’t feel you can’t handle it; we’ve all been there, it’s a natural process.

If you have decided to embark on your journey of personal growth, there can be two situations.

You choose to move on and distance yourself from certain friends, or they decide to distance themselves from you.

In the first case, you have probably realized that some people are hindering you in your process of personal growth.

They have bad or old habits you don’t like anymore, or simply, you no longer share their values.

This can be because you’ve changed a lot and they haven’t.

In the second case, they are the ones who move away from you. 

Let’s face it: focusing on personal growth can be painful because you must set new values and priorities.

And many people don’t share this, especially if they feel jealousy towards you.

So yeah, losing friends during your personal growth is ok.

I lost many friends and stayed with one or two close friends for a long time.

But I knew that was the right path, and a TRUE friend, stands by you no matter what happens.

Why Can We Lose Friends During Personal Growth?

There are various reasons why we can lose our old friendships (and not only). 

The good news is that there is always a valid reason, so don’t worry.

Let’s analyze the main causes and why this can make a positive change in our lives.

Recognizing toxic friendships

Recognizing toxic friendships

When embarking on a personal growth journey, spotting the toxic friends in your life becomes extremely easy.


Because they will do everything to hinder you in your self improvement process.

These are the ones who act like they’re rooting for you but only up to a point—just enough so it doesn’t bruise their ego.

They might be called ‘frenemies,’ and trust me, they have a knack for making you feel small when you need to shine.

I assure you that these people are the first to walk away in this situation.

And luckily, it’s the best way to start eliminating toxic people from your life.

Do you wish you had friends who didn’t support you?

I don’t think so!

Let go of those who don’t see the real value in you (yeah, even if it stings).

Make room in your heart for those who will cheer as loud as you do when success comes knocking.

Changing priorities and interests

You need to surround yourself with people who share your values and interests so they can support and uplift you.

Growing up can make what matters to you change, and it can mean losing friends.

Maybe the things you liked before don’t seem as important now, especially after a deep life audit.

Your friends might still enjoy those old hobbies or places, but you’ve moved on to new activities for personal development that fit who you are today.

It’s like when your favorite sneakers don’t fit anymore – not because they’re bad, but because you’ve outgrown them.

Friends can be like your favorite hangout spot from the past.

You have fun memories there, but now you might prefer a quiet coffee shop where you can read and think about your goals.

As your interests keep changing, so does the crowd around you – and that’s okay!

Life is all about finding people who cheer for the same things as you do right now.

Just remember: it’s totally fine if some buddies don’t stay close while others become tight like family.

it all comes down to what helps us grow better every day.

Evolving values and beliefs

You might start to notice things are changing inside you; you might feel uncomfortable when you’re hanging out with some friends, and this means only one thing.

Your heart and mind want different things now.

That’s a natural consequence of the process of growing up and personal growth.

This can make your friendships feel weird because what mattered to you before doesn’t seem that important anymore.

It’s like your inner GPS has new coordinates—you’re heading towards dreams and goals your friends don’t understand or even care about.

But we need to continue on our journey.

You see, when values change, so do you, and not everyone will stick around for the ride. (And hey, that’s okay!)

Maybe you’ve realized life is too short for drama or gossip—that stuff just pulls you down.

So as hard as it feels, letting go of those who don’t get the “new” you make room for people who do—people who cheer on your journey instead of holding you back from being your best self!

Establishing healthier boundaries

train your body

When I was about 21, I hung out with friends whose sole purpose on the weekend was to get drunk and come home at six in the morning.

But I had already embarked on the path of personal growth, prioritizing a healthy lifestyle.

 This obviously gradually led me to no longer go out with them on weekends.

They felt “betrayed,” and we never saw each other again.

By setting healthy boundaries, you’re saying “no thanks” to drama and “yes please” to peace and space for better things.

You may lose friends like me, and that’s part of life.

Creating these boundaries might shake up your life a bit.

It can be scary, sure, but it’s the only way if you want to achieve your goals.

You need to choose who deserves your time and energy (hint: people who cheer you on).

And as you do this more and more, watch how your life starts feeling like it fits just right.

It’s all about giving yourself the chance to grow without old ties holding you back.

Natural drift due to individual journeys

Sometimes, life takes you and your friends on different paths.

You may shift priorities, picking up new hobbies or dreams. 

Meanwhile, your friend might not be into those same things.

It’s like walking down two roads that start splitting apart—you’re still moving forward but in separate directions.

This isn’t anyone’s fault; it’s just what happens as people grow and change.

Think of it as shedding an old skin to make room for a new one that fits better with where you’re going.

So, even if you lose friends along the way, understand it’s part of the journey—it opens up space for others who match the new you!

Benefits of Losing Friends During Personal Growth

You might be thinking, “Wait, benefits? How can there be upsides to friend breakups?”

But hear me out; that’s a crucial part of your personal growth journey, and make progress.

You will have enormous benefits that will help you change your life, leaving behind people who are no longer useful to you.

 I’m not talking about “usefulness” in a negative sense; I mean friends who don’t support you and don’t help you on your path.

(Spoiler alert: It’s not all doom and gloom!).

Removing toxic influences

Cut out the bad vibes, right?

It’s like tidying up your room – you throw out the stuff that doesn’t fit anymore.

It’s the same thing with people who bring you down instead of cheering you on.

Leaving behind those toxic friends and feeling how much lighter life gets!

You make space for new buddies who get where you’re going.

So, think of it this way: losing some pals makes room for ones who match the true you.

And trust me, your head and heart will thank you big time.

Less drama, more peace – that’s what happens when toxic friendships hit the road.

Hello, better mental health!

Alignment of values and mindset

alignment of values and mindset

Growing and improving means you change, and so do your values.

You might find that what was important to you before isn’t a big deal now.

And guess what?

That’s okay!

It happens because you’re moving forward on your personal journey, focusing more on the things that make sense for where you want to go.

As you discover new interests and hobbies, you will start going to places where you will find people with the same values and goals as you.

For example, by going to the gym or martial arts class, you can meet people with these interests, and new relationships come to you.

They have goals and dreams like yours; they understand why setting boundaries matters.

These are the folks who cheer you on because they’re all about making positive changes, too.

Sure, letting go of past friendships might pinch a little at first, but think of it as making room in your life for buddies who help boost your self-esteem instead of holding onto bad habits together.

Increased self-reflection and growth opportunities

As you let go of old ties, it’s like clearing out your closet.

You have room to think about what matters now.

This space lets you look at yourself honestly and ask tough personal growth questions.

Are you who you want to be?
Do friends lift you up or drag you down?

It’s hard, sure, but this is how growth happens!

We learn a lot about ourselves by setting boundaries and picking relationships that help us grow.

Imagine planting a garden where only the good stuff grows – that’s what losing friends can do for personal development.

Saying goodbye isn’t just about them; it’s about making space for new people who get the current ‘you’.


Nobody likes losing their friends, let’s face it.

But the question you need to ask yourself is this:

“Are you willing not to continue on your path of personal growth to please them?”

And as you have seen, true friends will support you, they will not turn away.

This path will make you understand who really loves you, and indeed, you may even strengthen your friendships.

Remember, this isn’t about giving up on people; it’s about finding folks who help you become who you want to be.

Need a hand? Talk with someone else or do something nice for yourself.

Just keep moving forward and trust that you’re on the right track!

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