how to conduct a life audit

How To Conduct A Life Audit and Reach Your Goals

You’d like to change your life but don’t know where to start from?

It’s time to perform a life audit.


Because this way, you’ll figure out exactly what you need to be happy and satisfied and how to achieve your goals.

So, it’s time to stop acting like you were living someone else’s life and take control of yours, developing self-accountability.

In this blog post, I’ll help you create a life audit, identify your goals in a simple way, and stop always putting it off until tomorrow.

Key Takeaways

  • A life audit helps you check on your happiness in different areas like work, health, and relationships. It’s a way to plan for a better life.
  • Set SMART goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time – bound. This makes your dreams clear and easier to reach.
  • Finding an accountability partner can help you stay on track with your goals. They cheer you on and keep you moving forward.
  • Write down all of your tasks so you know what steps to take next. Check things off as you do them to see progress towards your big dreams.
  • Reviewing your life audit every year keeps you focused on what matters most for being happy and successful in the long run.

What is a Life Audit?

A life audit is when you take a big step back to look at your life.

The main goal of a life audit is :

  • analyze what’s important in your life
  • understand what goals you want to achieve and journal how to reach them
  • eliminate obstacles and distractions that take you away from your goals
  • pick the right personal development tools for reaching your goals

Think of it like checking the map on a long road trip.

You’re looking to see if you’re going where you want to go and establish your life priorities.

It’s all about seeing what parts of your life are making you happy and which aren’t working well; that’s why everyone can benefit from a life audit!

I’ve learned that a life audit is the first step to taking back control of your life.

If you’re tired of procrastinating or just want to live the life you’ve always dreamed of and be happy, it’s time to get started now!

Why a Life Audit is so important

Let me ask you a simple question: if you don’t know which areas of your life need improvement, how can you change them?

Getting a grip on where you are in life and figuring out where you want to go is a big deal.

A life audit helps with that. 

It’s like being the driver in your own life, steering towards happiness and success.

Think about it – you get your car serviced to keep it running smooth, right? Well, your life deserves that kind of attention too!

This whole life audit thing isn’t just a fancy idea; it’s about taking control and not letting days just pass by.

And for entrepreneurs like me, it’s even more crucial.

You juggle so much between business goals and personal dreams!

Doing a life audit can shine a light on what’s working well and what needs some tweaking in both areas.

It guides you to set clear targets – those SMART goals everyone talks about – for growing personally and professionally without getting caught up in the day-to-day cobwebs.

Plus, who doesn’t like feeling fulfilled?

With each check on those new goals, there’s this awesome sense of achievement making all the hard work worth it.

So yeah, doing a life audit is sort of like using GPS for your ambitions – helping you zoom into things that matter most for living the dream life you imagine 2024 looking like!

How to Do a Life Audit Step by Step

Don’t worry, you don’t need any particular calculations to do a life audit and uncover what’s really important for you.

What you need is:

  • One or two hours of your time
  • being extremely honest with yourself
  • a pen and a piece of paper or an app to take notes

Step 1: Reflecting on happiness in each area of life

Think about what makes you really happy.

Be careful; I mean, what REALLY makes you happy?

Don’t make the mistake of letting other people’s lifestyles influence you, especially what they show on social media; as you know, it’s not real.

It’s your own self-reflection moment, so take all the time you need.

I’m talking about the main life categories:

  • personal life ( friends, family, and your love life)
  • work
  • fitness
  • hobbies

It’s like checking each room in a big house to see which ones need a new paint job or maybe some new furniture.

Be super honest with yourself; it’s okay if some rooms aren’t looking so great.

That just means you know where to start fixing things up.

For example, at the moment, I feel very satisfied with my love life, but I would like to improve my work life, as it takes up too much of my time, and I feel stressed.

So, grab your pen and paper and write down how you feel about each part of your life. 

You can also give a rating from 1 to 5 to have a clearer vision of which aspects you want to work on with a certain priority.

This step helps show what’s working well and where there might be some dust bunnies hiding under the bed that need cleaning out!

Step 2: Write down all your goals and wishes

Grab a pen and paper or your favorite digital note-taking tool.

It’s time to jot down every dream and goal that flickers in your mind, big or small.

Write them all out, whether you want to run a marathon or learn how to make the perfect sourdough bread.

Oh, don’t forget to put this list in a place where you’re able to see it every single day.

This list is yours and no one else’s.

And, once again, DO NOT let others influence you; only you know what makes you happy.

For example, not everyone aspires to become a millionaire and move to Dubai.

A financial goal could simply be: “I would like to be able to earn $5,000 a month.”

Now, picture what “level 10” looks like for each aspect of your life — from health to career, family to fun.

What would it mean for you?

Listing these goals helps set the scene for where you’re headed, ensuring it’s where YOU want to go, not just where others expect you to be.

Keep this vision front and center as you plan the steps needed to turn those wishes into reality.

Step 3: Imagine the best version of yourself

Imagine the best version of yourself

Close your eyes for a moment and picture this: you’re the best version of yourself and living the life you love.

Yes, you’re living your dream life, enjoying the benefits of personal growth.

You wake up feeling happy , smart, and ready to take on anything each day. 

What does that look like?

How does your life looks like?

Are you living in a big house, rocking it at your dream job, or traveling the world?

Write down what you see, all those shiny dreams and big wins; this will help you make all of this happen.

Think about how good it feels to imagine hitting all those goals, as if you were living what you’re dreaming.

Hold onto that feeling!

It’s powerful stuff – like jet fuel for your willpower.

Seeing yourself as a winner helps push past self-doubt and keeps you moving forward.

Keep these visions close because we’re gonna need them in Step 7.

Step 4: Imagine your life if you DON’T achieve these goals

Now that you have the life of your dreams in mind, it’s time to change your vision completely. 

Imagine that you didn’t achieve your goals (because you actually thought you would never succeed and you never tried).

Think about a future where you haven’t hit your targets.

Picture waking up feeling like something’s missing because you didn’t follow through on your plans.

I know this step isn’t fun, but it’s powerful for understanding the importance of setting and chasing after goals.

And now, ask yourself a simple but powerful question.

“How would you feel about living the rest of your life knowing that you can’t achieve these goals?”

This scary image puts fire under your feet to move forward.

Life without reaching your dreams might mean staying in a job you hate or living in a city that doesn’t feel like home.

Without those achievements, are you just going through the motions?

That’s a day no one wants to have over and over.

Use this fear as fuel to set goals that matter and take bold steps toward them every chance you get.

Step 4: Setting SMART goals

smart goals

Ok, now you’ve met your two versions of yourself.

The first one decided not to work hard, not commit, and continue to procrastinate, choosing to continue complaining and envying the lives of others.

But if you have chosen the latter, the version of yourself that will try to do everything to change your life and become happy, it’s time to set your goals.

Not just generic goals, you want to set SMART GOALS.

They need to be:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Relevant
  • Time- Bound

For instance, if your dream is to write a book, don’t just say, “I’ll write a book”; instead, set a goal like “I’ll write 500 words every day for three months.”

NO: I want to improve my body

YES: I’ll go to the gym three times a week

Step 5: Find an accountability partner

accountability partner checklist

So, you’ve set your goals and are ready to go after them.

Having an accountability partner can drastically improve your game.

This person sticks with you, pushes you forward, and celebrates your wins.

According to the American Society of Training and Development, individuals are 65% likely to meet a goal after committing to another person.

However, this likelihood increases to 95% if they have a specific, ongoing, and accountable relationship with a person they’ve committed to.

They’re like a coach in your corner but also a friend who wants to see you win.

Choose someone who gets it – someone who understands what you’re aiming for and why it matters so much to you. 

Step 6: Make a to-do list

to-do lists

You have defined the priorities and organized the goals (always SMART goals, keep in mind that); now it’s time to create your to-do list.

Grab some paper and get ready to jot down your action steps.

This is where you make a to-do list of tasks that’ll edge you closer to your dream life.

Think about what makes you happy, what success looks like for you, and how fulfilled you want to feel.

An effective to-do list must have:

  • Specific action steps: it helps you to get a clear vision about what you need to do to reach your goals
  • Deadlines: it’s essential to control how you’re spending your time and create a sense of urgency
  • Prioritization of tasks: If you want to create a plan that works, you need to have priorities to focus on more
  • Realistic goal setting: you need to first assess your current situation to create goals that are not unattainable

If you want to maximize your to-do lists, consider an app like Todoist, which is free and very simple to use to create your personal lists.

This app will help you identify your priorities, divide your projects into sub-tasks, and create reminders to motivate you.

Step 7: Taking Concrete Action Steps

Now comes the hard part, where most people fail.

It’s time to take real steps towards those dreams.

Make your plan move!

Start with small tasks that lead to big changes.

Maybe it’s setting up a savings account for a dream trip or signing up for a cooking class because you want to eat better and learn a new skill.

Every day you must do something to achieve your dreams.

Start with small steps and increase more and more.

Think about all those areas in your life where you’re aiming for level 10 happiness.

What can you do right now to climb higher?

Could be as simple as reading before bed instead of watching TV if one goal is more ‘me-time’.

Or reaching out to an old friend if building stronger relationships is what matters most for you.

So, keep moving forward step by step – each action brings that dream life closer!

Step 8: Regularly revisiting the life audit

Keep checking on your life audit, just like you’d peek at a compass while hiking.

It’s good to do this every two or three months, even once if you feel like you’re lost; this can be part of your Sunday routine, to start your next week on the right foot.

This helps you see if you’re still heading towards the life you dream about.

Are your steps moving you closer to your goals? Can you notice signs of personal growth?

You might find some things have changed. That’s okay!

Life throws curveballs and surprises all the time.

Make sure your actions are pushing you in the right direction.

If they aren’t, it’s time to steer back on course.

Think of this as keeping your eyes on the road when driving—staying focused stops any drifts off track.

Revisit those sticky notes or journal pages where you mapped out your dreams and plans once in a while; they’ll help keep that driver’s seat feeling snug and secure as you cruise toward living a life packed with purpose and happiness!

Questions to Ask During a Life Audit

When you perform a life audit, you need to ask yourself the right personal growth questions.

Please, you must be sincere.

Let’s be honest, who can judge you?

It’s just you and yourself.

And that’s the only way to take control of your life.

  • Are you happy with your job? Maybe you’re stuck in a situation you hate or you’re working too much and you are neglecting your family. Working in your life is important, but you have to set limits
  • How do you feel about your money situation? Decide if you’re saving enough or spending wisely.
  • Am I taking care of my mind and body? Look at your health habits and see if they support your well – being.
  • Who are my friends and why do I choose them? Consider whether these people lift you up or bring you down.
  • Is my love life making me smile? Reflect on whether your relationship is strong or could use some work.
  • Do I spend enough time with family? Figure out if you should make more room for family in your life.
  • What hobbies make me lose track of time? Identify activities that spark joy and those that don’t.
  • Am I learning new things? Assess if personal growth is a big enough part of your life.
  • Have I been to places that excite me? Dream about travel goals and adventures you still want to experience.
  • Does my home feel like a happy place? Consider changes that could turn your living space into your sanctuary.


Ready to make big changes?

Think about how a life audit can help you.

How great would it be to reach your dreams?

You’ve learned all the steps – from thinking about happiness in every part of your life to finding someone who will check on your progress.

Remember, set goals that really mean something to you, and plan out each step.

Why not start now?

Imagine feeling proud when you see change happen.

Take a deep breath and dive into making the life you want real. 

Sure, it takes work, but aren’t your dreams worth it?

So, do you feel stuck sometimes?

A life audit might just be what you need!

It’s like a map that shows where you are and how to get where you want to go.

Trust me, I’ve done it; this stuff works!

Every year can bring more joy and success if we just take the wheel.

Just do it; grab some paper, ask yourself tough questions, and kick-start the journey towards a happier tomorrow!

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