Personal Growth Questions To Ask Yourself

27+ Best Personal Growth Questions To Ask Yourself

Anyone who is familiar with the world of sales and customer care, like me, knows well that you need to ask the correct and relevant questions to your interlocutor to understand what is really important to him.

The same goes for you; you need to ask yourself the right personal growth questions to understand what’s really important for you, especially if you’re doing a life audit.

So, if you want to start your journey into the world of personal development in the right way, it is essential that you ask yourself the right questions. 

This way, you’ll see the fundamental signs of personal growth.

Questions that will make you reflect on your happiness, what is important to you (and not to others), and how to improve your life.

In this post, you will find a collection of the best self reflection questions that helped me to know myself better and achieve my goals.

Key Takeaways

  • Personal growth questions help you understand what’s important to you, like core values and motivations.
  • They can show areas where you need to improve, like listening better or dealing with stress.
  • Asking these questions is like talking to your future self, making a plan for who you want to be.
  • Using a journal to explore personal growth questions can lead to big changes in your life.
  • Being thankful for the small things brings joy and helps connect with yourself and others.

Why Personal Growth Questions are Helpful

Personal growth questions are one of the best ways to shine a light on what matters most to you. 

They dig deep, right to the heart of your hopes and fears, helping you know yourself better. 

You might discover passions you didn’t know about or areas where you want to improve.

But above all, they help you understand what are the things that make you happy and what is taking you away from your goals.

It’s like having an honest chat with yourself that moves you forward.

These questions are like personal growth tools for tuning into your feelings and thoughts.

You’ll identify what goals sparkle your eyes, which habits need a shake-up, or how to be kinder in relationships.

Think of it as setting up meeting points between where you are now and where you dream of being – because asking is the first step towards doing something about it!

Best Self-Reflection Questions to Ask Yourself

I’m not a big fan of asking yourself 100 different questions.

I mean, it’s better to make a few good ones rather than give yourself a headache with too many doubts and be more confused than before.

 Quality over quantity, always.

So, here’s my personal selection of the best questions to ask yourself for personal growth and self-improvement.

Am I happy right now?

Personal Growth Questions To Ask Yourself: am I happy right now?

This is the first question you need to ask yourself.

It’s also my favorite one because it’s where it all begins.

Are you REALLY happy right now?

Don’t think about your financial or sentimental situation, you can be happy even when you’re poor or if your partner has just left you.

In my experience, the starting point for your wellness is to ask yourself if you are happy and how to achieve this.

What makes me happy?

One of the main benefits of personal growth is becoming a happier individual.

Maybe you’re not completely satisfied and happy with your life right now, but asking yourself what makes you happy is an excellent starting point for achieving your goals.

And be careful, don’t think about what other people think it’s cool.

We’re talking about yourself, that’s it.

Make sure you’re not making this mistake.

What makes you happy?

Go to the gym, take a ride in the mountains, dedicate yourself to your hobby, spend time with your family?

These are all perfect activities for personal growth, but you need to discover what really makes you happy.

Don’t be ashamed of not having the same goals and passions as your friends; each person is unique, and you have to think about your happiness.

Am I working to reach my goals?

Am I working to reach my goals

Everyone has their dreams, but even if it seems absurd, most do nothing to achieve them.

The problem is we have mental barriers that we need to overcome if we want to grow as a person.

What you need to ask yourself is, “If I don’t work hard to achieve my goals, who will do it for me?”.


Think about the different areas of your life and if you’re doing something to improve them or not; it’s time to roll up your sleeves and develop self-accountability, the fundamental principle for reaching your goals.

Where do I see myself in 5 years?

This question is important for one simple reason: it gives you the sense of urgency you need to stop procrastinating and start taking action.

Unfortunately, we are not eternal.

So, if you have dreams, you must start working on them immediately. 

Imagine yourself in five years, when you have achieved your goals ( because you can, if you want)

Whether it’s having a happy relationship, having succeeded in a career, or having found a fantastic hobby that satisfies you.

Now, imagine yourself in 5 years if you have NOT achieved these goals because you decided to do nothing to improve yourself, hoping that a magical event would change your life (and obviously, it didn’t come).

This drastic vision will impact you, making you understand that you must be disciplined and strengthen your mindset.

What makes me angry?

We all get angry, probably even people like the Dalai Lama.

However, it is essential that you understand WHAT makes you angry and how you can avoid it.

Do you have a toxic boss, and you don’t like your job?

Maybe you should change it.

Does your partner not encourage you and make you feel wrong?

Maybe he’s not the right person for you.

Analyzing what makes us sad and angry is vital, just like understanding what makes us happy.

Do I like my job?

Do I like my job

Your job is an important part of your life, and I think anyone who tells you otherwise is lying to you. 

Think about it for a moment: there are 24 hours in a day, and we spend at least 8 of them at work.

Not to mention the time it takes to get there and back.

It’s difficult to be happy if you hate your job unless it is a temporary situation.

Maybe you’re working on creating a side hustle, or you’re simply looking for another job.

 In any case, do not underestimate this aspect, as it is fundamental for your happiness and personal growth.

Do I like my friends?

This may seem like a stupid question, but it’s not.

For years and years, I hung out with people I didn’t have much in common with for the simple reason that I was afraid of being alone.

Don’t make this mistake because you will always end up feeling wrong.

Finding new friends is no longer as difficult as it was years ago.

 For example, you could try a new sport or hobby or join sites like Meetup.

And don’t underestimate your old friendships, perhaps neglected for various reasons.

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Am I satisfied with my partner?

We have all been in a toxic relationship.

Both out of fear of being alone and out of inexperience.

But if a relationship doesn’t make you happy, then there’s a problem.

I’m not talking about the classic bickering between couples, but about constant daily arguments.

Ask yourself if you and your partner have the same goals and principles, because this is not necessarily the case.

Other questions to ask yourself to improve your life

How can I become a better person?

How can I achieve my goals? 

Do I have a weekly and Sunday routine?

How can I improve my relationships with others?

What are some things I need to work on about myself?

How can I become more confident?

What do I need to do to be happier?

What am I grateful for?

How can I nurture myself physically today?

How can I nurture myself mentally today?

Are there any limiting beliefs holding me back?

What advice would I give to the me from 5 years ago?

Who am I thankful for? What am I grateful for?

Questions to Ask Others to Learn More About Yourself

Questions to Ask Others to Learn More About Yourself

Sometimes, the people close to us can give us great help to improve ourselves.

By asking them for honest feedback, we can understand how we are seen by those who know us and improve as a result. 

For example, even though I didn’t realize it, when I asked my friends if I looked like an impulsive person, the answer was “absolutely.”

It’s normal to take offense, but don’t take these remarks personally; remember that they are a way to understand where you can improve.

  1. How would you describe me in three words?
  2. What was your first impression of me when we met?
  3. What do you think is my most annoying trait?
  4. What do you think I’m good at?
  5. Do you think I’m a positive or negative person?


The real journey towards self improvement starts when we stop for a moment and find time to listen to ourselves.

And a great way to do it is by asking the right personal growth questions, which will make us reflect and help us understand what currently satisfies us about our life and what doesn’t.

Some may seem trivial to you at first glance, but I bet you have never really stopped to think about them and analyze the answer, which can be fundamental.

Don’t underestimate the importance of asking your friends and colleagues questions; they can be valuable feedback that would be impossible to obtain alone!

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