how to be consistent in your life

How to be Consistent in Your Life: Expert Tips and Strategies 

I’ve always struggled with consistency.

I’ve started so many activities and then given up when I couldn’t get what I wanted quickly.

But when I started my personal growth journey in my 20s, I decided I must learn to be consistent.

Yes, consistency is the key to reaching your long-term goals.

You may have an innate talent, but if you don’t develop this skill, you will never achieve success.

But I know it’s hard to be consistent and not lose motivation along the way.

In this article, I’ll show how to improve your consistency, why is it so important and all the tips and strategies that helped me reach my goals.

Key Takeaways

  • Set clear, achievable goals using the SMART method to make your dreams tangible and trackable. Then, break them into smaller tasks.
  • Use tools like planners, apps, sticky notes, or visual reminders like vision boards to keep your goals in sight daily. 
  • Find an accountability partner who shares your commitment to consistency.
    This person will offer motivation and support during tough times and celebrate successes with you, making the journey towards consistent habits a shared adventure.
  • Don’t rely on motivation; it can fade.
    Instead, focus on creating routines and utilizing personal development tools.
  • Celebrate every success along the way and learn from setbacks without letting them derail your progress.

Why Consistency is the Key to Success?

Consistency is key to success because it’s the only way to build habits and skills.

How can you learn a new language?

You need to be consistent, studying and practicing every day.

That’s the only way to see incremental progress.

Yes, talent is a big plus, but it’s not enough.

Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard.

Consistency requires discipline and sacrifices, this is why many people find it difficult to develop this skill.

All great athletes and successful people worked on this skill.

So, if you want to achieve your goals, you should start as soon as possible.

How to become more consistent and reach your goals

To be more consistent, you need to create an action plan.

Here, I’ll share with you the tips that helped me set clear goals and achieve them.

Whatever your goal, these actions helped me achieve the results I wanted.

And yes, they’ll work for you as well!

Set clear and achievable goals

how to be consistent : Set clear and achievable goals

We all have goals.

The real question is, “Are you chasing the right goal?”.

Generic goals are bad; you must use the SMART method to make your goals clear and reachable.

This means each goal should be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound.

For instance, instead of saying you want to “I want to eat healthy more consistently,” set a goal like “I’ll stick to my diet and track all my calories and meals on a specific app  for the next month.”

See the difference?

Eating healthy is too generic; you must be as specific as possible.

This way, you know exactly what success looks like and can track your progress.

A dream written down with a date becomes a goal.

Start by doing a life audit and write down your goals.

Then, you need to break them into smaller steps.

Break tasks into manageable steps

It can be easy just to feel discouraged by overly ambitious goals.

You know, it’s difficult to stay consistent if you can’t create easy daily tasks.

Breaking tasks into more manageable steps can make achieving your goals less overwhelming.

So, how can you make it work?

  • Identify the overall goal you want to achieve. Start by writing down what success looks like for you, whether it’s eating healthier, running a marathon, or finishing a big project at work. Keep a journal if you need to.
  • Divide your main goal into smaller objectives. For example, if your goal is to eat healthier, your smaller targets could include cutting out fast food, eating more vegetables, and drinking more water each day.
  • Assign realistic deadlines to each step. Giving yourself a clear timeframe makes it easier to stay committed and prevents procrastination.
  • Track your progress using tools and apps. There are many apps designed to help you manage tasks and monitor your achievements over time. Choosing one that suits your needs can add an extra layer of accountability.
  • Begin again immediately after slipping up. If you miss a target or deadline, don’t waste time beating yourself up.
    Especially when we make a mistake, we need to move on.

This is my exact method that let me achieve my gym and nutrition goals.

Trust me; it worked for me, and it will work for you as well!

Create visual reminders of your goals

visual reminders of your goals

It’s easy to forget why we work so hard and make sacrifices.

Remaining consistent is difficult, especially when you can’t see your list of goals every day.

Write your goals and tasks and place reminders in visible areas.

It can be your fridge, your desk, or your workspace.

And no, a simple reminder on your phone is not enough.

Put messages to yourself in visible places you often access.

And don’t make the mistake of writing down only your most important goals.

Small goals deserve the same importance as big ones.

These new practices will encourage yourself to start motivated, so don’t underestimate them.

Find an accountability partner

accountability partner

You want to be more consistent? Then, you need an accountability partner.

An accountability partner is an individual who will assist you in reaching your goals and fostering a commitment to progress.

He / She can be your spouse, a friend, or a colleague.

Consult my accountability partner checklist to ensure he/she meets the right requirements.

Basically, it should be someone you trust and can offer honest, candid feedback. 

Make sure this person understands your goals, respects your limits, and ideally has some goals they’re working towards.

And then, see the magic happens.

Did you that having a specific accountability partner increases the success rate to 95%?

Not having one is stopping you from being consistent!

Don’t rely on motivation

One of the key benefits of becoming consistent is you’ll stop relying on motivation.

” I just need that extra motivation to get my tasks done”

” Today I don’t feel motivated, I’ll do it tomorrow”.

Man, motivation is bullshit. You won’t build your willpower with it.

Motivation is like a friend who sometimes doesn’t show up when you need them most.

Do you think a pro athlete loves going to the gym daily, even when it doesn’t feel like it?

No, it’s just discipline.

Consistency means doing things even when you don’t want to do them or you’re not in the mood.

But if you can do it, you’re unstoppable.

If you managed to complete your work even if you didn’t feel like it, imagine when you’re super motivated.

Take breaks if needed.

Personal development is a marathon, not a sprint.

You want to be consistent, especially in achieving personal goals or sticking to a new habit.

But relying only on feeling inspired can leave you stranded on days when motivation runs low.

Beat laziness and delay by setting real, doable aims and treating yourself for meeting them.

Use tools that form habits rather than just waiting to feel ready or excited.

A planner can help organize your day; reminders keep your objectives in front of you, ensuring they’re hard to forget.

As routines build over time, what once needed extra push becomes part of your daily actions without needing the same initial spark to get going.

Use personal development tools to consolidate new habits

personal development tools

Personal development and motivational tools can be your trump card in this journey.

Which one should you choose? It depends on your goal.

For example, if you’re looking for an accountability coach, GoalsWon is the best choice.

It helped me eliminate time wasters and stop smoking.

Motion in an app to help you organize your day better, so you can be more productive.

Many of these are free, so not using them would be foolish. 

Analyze what your priorities are, and you will find the right tool

Ask yourself a few simple self-improvement questions, such as 

“Am I often distracted during the day?” 

“Can I create a productive routine?” 

“When an unexpected event happens, do I panic?” 

“Do I often feel unmotivated and tired?”

Limit distractions and create your own routine

Cutting out distractions is crucial if you want to become consistent in life.

How can you keep working towards your goals if you have difficulty focusing?

Start by identifying what usually pulls your attention away from your tasks.

It could be social media, unexpected visits from friends, or even clutter in your work area.

In my case, I was often distracted by social media, so I started using Freedom to help me.

Creating a schedule and your routine can help you be more focused during the day.

Don’t start with too ambitious goals, like waking up at 4:30, running 5 miles, or working 16 hours.

Instead, come up with smaller steps.

Get an idea of what you need to be productive during the day and stick with it.

Success isn’t just about what you accomplish in your life; it’s about what you inspire others to do.

Celebrate your success

how to stay consistent: celebrate your successes

You’ve managed to complete an ambitious task?

You should celebrate! 

These moments are crucial, especially when shared with your accountability partner. 

When I’m not motivated, I use a strategy to recall the positive emotions of when I celebrated a success. 

And above all, ask yourself, “If I succeeded once, why shouldn’t I do it again?

Enjoy a special dinner or go see a movie.

This makes the journey towards being more consistent in your life fun and rewarding. 

Treat yourself to things you love.

Seeing these rewards will push you to keep going and strive for the next milestone.

Keep track of all your wins in a diary or on a specific.

Accept difficulties and failures

Yes, it’s ok to make a mistake along the way.

Maybe you missed a day at the gym, or you just got it wrong.

It doesn’t matter.

You need to remind yourself of your long-term goals.

That’s the importance of consistency.

Despite our best planning, we fail often.

But what’s important is how we react; it doesn’t matter if goals slide for a day.

You will start again the very next, and you will be super focused, right?

As you begin to adopt this mindset, your consistency will get better and better!

What is the key to consistency?

There isn’t one single key to consistency.

As we’ve seen, it’s a combination of factors.

But when someone asks me what’s MY secret to be consistent, I always answer the same thing.

Remind me why I’m doing this.

Yes, it’s ok to make a mistake along the way.

This is why I stress to everyone the importance of visualizing their goals. 

They will help you stay on track, but above all, remember why you are doing all this.

Imagine you’re on a diet, you’re hungry and you’re about to go out of your way. 

Then you remember that you decided to go on a diet because you want the body you’ve always dreamed of, or you have to do a competition soon.

Is consistency more important than talent?

Yes, consistency is more important than talent.

Many people often think that natural ability leads to success.

But sticking to a planned day in and day out actually plays a bigger part in achieving your goals.

You might have all the talent in the world, but it’s hard to see real progress without consistent effort.

We have so many stories where regular people with average skills outshine those with natural gifts because they refuse to give up.


I know how hard it is to stay on track in areas of life.

But remember that no one will achieve your goals for you.

And the only way to do it is to be tenacious and disciplined.

You need to remind yourself of the long-term goals and break them into simple goals.

Then, try to visualize them every day.

Keep going even when you don’t feel motivated, and don’t worry when you fall off track.

Instead, focus on celebrating your victories and take advantage of personal development tools.

This is how to be consistent.

I know it seems simple, but it’s not.

But with these tricks and strategies that I use every day, I assure you that you will achieve your goals much easier.

That’s the power of consistency!

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