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GoalsWon Review 2024: My Personal Experience with the Tool

Imagine having a real coach who supports you every day encouraging you to achieve your goals and be productive even when you don’t feel like it.

Well, if all this seems like a mirage or an extremely expensive service, you may have found the solution.

In fact, in this GoalsWon review, I will share my personal experience with this accountability app, which I personally tried for one month.

I will explain to you how GoalsWon helped me to almost completely eliminate my smoking habit, be more consistent with my diet, and stop wasting time on Social Media.

I consider myself an extremely productive and determined person, but I must admit that despite my initial doubts regarding GoalsWon, it has been extremely beneficial to me in improving my habits.

In this detailed review, you’ll learn everything you need to know about GoalsWon and whether it is the right product for you or not.

Key Takeaways

  • GoalsWon is a platform that helps you develop personal accountability with a human coach who keeps you on track with your goals and productivity.
  • You start with a free week trial, then it costs $90 a month for daily support from your own coach who helps with tasks and habit tracking.
  • The service includes features like setting daily targets, chatting with dedicated coaches, tracking progress through charts, and both mobile and web access to the platform.
  • It’s extremely helpful for anyone who needs help to stay accountable or needs extra motivation to complete tasks and achieve their goals.
  • Based on my personal experience, GoalsWon is a valuable tool because it provides real-time guidance and support in accomplishing personal and professional objectives.

Pros and Cons

GoalsWon gives you a coach to help you every day. You get support and tips to make sure you reach your goals.


  • You’ll talk with your own coach each day, who will help you understand your needs and goals
  • Your coach is a real human, not a bot
  • Daily check-ins with actionable tips
  • You can switch your coach if doesn’t match your style


  • It may seem pricey at first glance

Quick Verdict

So, is GoalsWon worth it or not?

After testing it for a month, I would say absolutely yes.

The thing is you get REAL HUMAN support with GoalsWon, not just some generic advice generated by an AI chatbot.

Using GoalsWon, you’ll get a professional accountability coach who is always there, giving you daily motivation and effective pieces of advice.

This is what makes GoalsWon unique: the presence of a personal coach, who will motivate you, help you monitor your progress with graphs, and try to understand together what went wrong that day and how to be consistent in working to achieve your goals.

If staying on task is hard for you, this personal guidance can really push you forward.

I know, the price tag might seem high at first – $90 a month after the free trial isn’t cheap.

But think about it like hiring a pro to keep you moving towards success every day.

It’s an investment I highly recommend that could pay off, in fact, I increased my productivity and it helped me improve my daily accountability.

And above all, what value do you give to achieving your goals, making progress, and finally being satisfied with yourself?

Who is it for

who's it for GoalsWon?

You’ll love GoalsWon if:

  • You’re looking for concrete help in being disciplined and productive every day, especially if you lack accountability
  • You are willing to listen to external advice and put yourself in the game
  • You want to improve various aspects of your life without being judged

But you won’t like GoalsWon if:

  • You think your coach can achieve your goals for you
  • You’re looking for a simple to-do list app
  • You think investing in developing accountability is a waste of time

Product Overview

GoalsWon Overview

GoalsWon is designed for those who feel they need an extra push to get things done.

If you often work alone and find it tough to juggle your job and personal life, this service can be a real game-changer.

Think of it as having a partner who’s committed to seeing you win—every single day.

Are you starting a business or working from home? Maybe you’re freelancing and finding it hard to keep focused.

GoalsWon provides the structure and motivation that might be missing from your workday.

With daily check-ins, personalized advice, and someone cheering for your success, staying on course becomes much easier.Daily goals and habit tracking

Studies show that committing goals to someone gives a 65% chance of completion while having a specific accountability partner increases success rates to 95%.

That’s why GoalsWon helped me keep on going even when I felt extremely unmotivated or tired.

Setting daily goals and habits is like having a personal map for your day.

Daily goals and habit tracking

You decide where you want to go, and the GoalsWon app helps you stay on course.

My coach Hannah checked in each day with what I was aiming to get done.

We talked together about what my priorities and goals were, dividing them into SMART goals.

goalswon welcome message

For example, one of my goals was to quit smoking and eat healthier.

Hannah therefore suggested to start by reducing the number of cigarettes per day until I was able to try a whole day without smoking.

She also helped me understand more precisely what eating healthier meant for me, giving me some valid suggestions that we approved together, based on my personal needs.

goalswon smart goals

It’s simple: type in your goals, tick them off as you complete them, and watch your progress grow over time.

Chat with a dedicated coach

As I told you, your coach isn’t a random AI chatbot: it’s a real human being.

I always had answers and advice that motivated me, but above all, I never felt judged.

I know many people struggle to open up to others, but with my GoalsWon coach Hannah, it was extremely easy.

She was always ready to listen, cheer me on, and give me helpful advice.

goalswon chat with a real coach

And she also had a great deal of patience, as I always forgot to submit my daily results!

That’s the key point: your coach responds with tips that make sense for you, not just general stuff.

They match you with someone who gets what you’re after, whether it’s fitness or getting back on track with your long-term goals. 

If the fit isn’t perfect, no worries!

Switching coaches is easy peasy.

Think of them as part guide, part friend—all there to make sure you crush those monthly targets without breaking a sweat.

Progress charts and targets

Seeing your progress can be a huge boost to keep you going.

GoalsWon gives you clear charts and graphs to show how you’re doing.

Every day, Hannah shared with me how my week was going, giving me much more effective insight that helped motivate me

goalswon charts

You watch as the lines move up, and it feels fantastic when they reach your targets.

What if one day you don’t reach your set goals? Don’t worry, your coach will be there to motivate you and give you constructive feedback

Setting targets is part of the fun with GoalsWon.

Each month, you aim for new heights and celebrate every win along the way.

goalswon monthly targets

These wins aren’t small – they’re milestones that mark your journey toward improvement and success.

The platform makes it easy for you to see where you started, what’s ahead, and how much closer you are to hitting those important tasks that matter most in work or life.

Milestones and support

As you move forward, tracking your progress becomes even more rewarding.

GoalsWon makes sure you celebrate every win along the way. 

Your coach will help you set important milestones and support you as you reach them.

For instance, my first milestone was to avoid distractions during work time.

I asked Hannah how I could do it and she gave me some concrete and very valid advice, which I immediately put into practice.

After that, my second monthly milestone was to go at least 5 days without smoking

Feeling stuck or hit a setback? No problem, your coach is right there with you.

goalswon suggestions for reaching your goals

Thanks to Hannah and GoalsWon, I turned several tough days into a chance to grow stronger.

Trust in their guidance, lean on their experience, and use their encouragement to push through challenges.

You’ll find it’s easier to stay on track when someone has your back every single step of the way!

Mobile and web versions

goalswon app

GoalsWon gives you the freedom to work on your goals wherever you are.

Whether you prefer tapping away at your keyboard or sharing updates through your phone, this accountability app has you covered.

With both Android and iOS support, along with a solid website, tracking daily goals is super easy.

You can chat with your coach, mark off completed tasks, and see just how far you’ve come—all without being tied down to one device.

You’ll never miss out on that helpful nudge from your coach since they’re right there with you, in your pocket or on your screen.

Pricing information and free trial offer

goalswon pricing

You can try GoalsWon for free for one week, and that’s enough to understand whether or not is the right tool for you.

After that, if you decide it’s helping and want to keep going, it’ll cost $90 each month.

Or, you can choose a yearly subscription, that comes at $60 per month, and an extra free week of trial, saving lots of money!

This gives you access to your own coach who will work with you daily.

They’ll help make sure you stay on track with what’s important in life or work.

Think about how much that could change things for you, having someone there, every day, pushing you to do better and reach those big goals of yours.

And then ask yourself: is my happiness and a personal accountability coach worth $60 per month?

My Personal Experience with GoalsWon

GoalsWon was a game-changer for me ; it transformed how I approached my daily routine and masterminded my success.

I think the secret of GoalsWon is its simplicity and the effectiveness of having an accountability coach.

When you share your goals and struggles with a real person, you feel much more motivated to stay on track.

goalswon personal experience

I always thought I was able to achieve my goals alone, but with a person who guides and corrects you, everything is definitely much easier.

How it helped me achieve my goals

GoalsWon really helped to set daily goals and my coach Hannah made sure I stuck to them. 

Even when things got tough, my coach was there with a kind word or a push in the right direction.

She was always patient and, even when I didn’t reach my daily goals, she was there ready to reassure me, making me understand that it wasn’t the end of the world.

I have always been a very strict person with myself, so someone like Hannah helped me a lot.

With this service, I found it easier to keep healthy habits and work harder towards big targets. 

This accountability coaching is just what you need if sticking to plans is hard for you.

how i quit smoking thanks to Goalswon

Each chat session felt like someone had my back, pushing me not to give up.

The coaches at GoalsWon know their stuff; they’re like personal cheerleaders who are all about making sure you win every day.

They help develop better work routines that stick and make your dreams come true, especially if focusing alone is tricky for you!

The effectiveness of accountability coaching

Without someone to keep you on track and to share your daily progress with, it’s much easier to cheat.

I mean, who knows if you spend a day eating junk food and watching Netflix instead of training or working?

You can lie to yourself, but lying to your coach it’s much more difficult, trust me.

Having someone to answer to can really push you to get things done.

goalswon extra motivation

It’s like having a workout buddy but for your career or personal goals.

This is where GoalsWon steps in, by matching you with a coach who makes sure you’re on track every day.

You’ll chat about what you’ve done and plan the next steps.

This daily check-in lights a fire under you because your coach will hold your feet to the fire if need be.

Accountability coaching works wonders, especially when working alone feels tough. With GoalsWon’s help, sticking to plans becomes much easier. Their coaches are there to keep an eye on both work and life aims, making it harder for excuses to creep in.

Picture this: you could increase your productivity by at least 20% just because someone else is keeping tabs on your progress; that’s the power of accountability that GoalsWon taps into!

Conclusion: Is GoalsWon worth the investment?

Even if you are an always motivated and disciplined person like me, GoalsWon makes you understand that an accountability partner is fundamental during your personal growth.

Not only will it help you achieve your goals faster, but it will help you discover your true potential, increasing your self-esteem and making you a happier person.

GoalsWon might be the key if you’re struggling to get things done and quit bad habits, like in my case.

It is the only app that provides trained, kind, and supportive coaches willing to listen to you and support you in everyday life.

If focus is hard for you or procrastination wins too often, this coaching could make a real difference.

Imagine hitting more of your targets each week because someone is there, guiding and pushing you along. 

That’s the power of GoalsWon, which you can test for free for 7 days.

So, ready to finally crush your goals?

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