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My Personal Sunsama Review 2024: The Best Productivity Tool?

If you want to be organized and productive, you need a task management app.

I’m an account manager, a blogger, and an SEO consultant, so I have dozens of personal and work tasks to do daily.

In this honest Sunsama review, I’ll show you how this timeboxing app can improve your work and personal life.

I’ll also talk about the aspects of Sunsama I don’t like because every software has its pros and cons.

Ready to discover what Sunsama allows you to do?

Quick Verdict – Is Sunsama Worth Your Money?

If you’re looking for an app to organize your daily and weekly objectives, Sunsama is the right productivity tool for you.

Using this calendar app for over six months, I developed a healthy relationship with work ( yes, it is possible!).

You can organize your tasks, put them in your calendar, and divide them into categories.

For instance, I like to divide my personal tasks from work tasks.

You can also set a specific time to dedicate to each activity, using the principle of time boxing.

That’s the best way to understand how you use your time during the day.

What I also love about Sunsama are its integrations.

Once you connect the Sunsama calendar with other ones, such as Gmail or Outlook Calendar, your tasks will sync automatically.

This way, you don’t have to create them manually every time.

So yes, Sunsama is worth it.

It’s one of the best productivity tools, and you should give it a chance if you want to improve your focus and organization.

Sunsama Pros and Cons

As I told you, Sunsama isn’t perfect.

Here are its pros and cons:

Motion Pros

  • You can easily organize the tasks for the day
  • Focus Mode and Pomodoro Timer available
  • Sunsama offers comprehensive tutorials to get familiar
  • Lots of integrations
  • Free 14-day trial with no credit card required

Motion Cons

  • There’s no free plan available
  • Not the perfect choice for large teams
  • Doesn’t support Apple Calendar

Imagine having your to-do list, calendar, and reminders in one dashboard.

 It’s like having a personal assistant who never takes a break.

Each day, Sunsama guides you through planning tomorrow with easy steps.

You review what happened today, decide on tasks for tomorrow, and set everything in stone. 

That’s the secret to becoming a high achiever!

Sunsama helps you prioritize the most important tasks of your day in a weekly planner.

But to be honest, it doesn’t offer everything a team with many collaborators need.

Also, not having support for Apple Calendar can be frustrating if that’s your go-to scheduling tool.

It means extra steps in your workflow as you juggle between different platforms.

Plus, those using the mobile app might notice fewer features than what’s available on the desktop version, potentially limiting productivity when on the move.

Who should use Sunsama?

If your day often feels like a jigsaw puzzle with too many pieces, Sunsama can help you fit them together.

People who like to blend their work tasks and personal errands in one sleek view will find Sunsama perfect for turning chaos into order.

You’ll love Sunsama if

  • You’re looking for a simple productivity app
  • You want to improve your focus by creating a task list and track how you spend your time
  • You manage a team with few team members

I think Sunsama is one of the best productivity apps on the market.

If you are an entrepreneur or a freelancer and want to boost your focus, you should give Sunsama a try!

You won’t love Sunsama if

  • You’re looking for an advanced task management tool
  • You want AI to organize and manage your tasks better, like Motion App
  • You’re just looking for a simple to-do list

Yes, Sunsama is a task management software, but it doesn’t offer advanced features as software like or Quickbase can do.

Sunsama is built to organize your day better and create your daily and weekly planning.

Also, if you use Apple Calendar, you should import manually all your tasks.

And this can actually be very frustrating.

What is Sunsama?

what is sunsama?

Sunsama is a productivity tool that aims to make your daily planning process much easier.

It’s based on the time boxing technique, where you divide your tasks into fixed time segments called “time boxes.”

So essentially, Sunsama is a digital daily planner where you can organize your personal and work tasks.

You can assign each task a specific duration and priority to organize your day.

By doing so, you can finally track how you spend your time and review your productivity.

Key features of Sunsama

Sunsama offers a variety of interesting features.

Here are my favorite ones that helped me increase my attention span and productivity.

Daily and Weekly Guided Planning

Sunsama helps you set and focus on your goals with weekly and monthly guided scheduling.

It’s like having a coach who guides you through your journey, ensuring you stay on track.

As a productivity expert using Sunsama, I start my day by leveraging its structured daily planning flow.

Here’s an example of what my typical day looks like:

sunsama daily planning

Sunsama provides a list of what you want to achieve and looks back at how much you accomplished the previous week.

The Daily Shutdown function, on the other hand, allows you to reflect on what you did during the day and write down your thoughts.

Then, you can write next week’s objective and clear your mind. 

I like to plan things to do on Saturday so I can leave on Monday perfectly organized.

This is another example:

sunsama weekly planning

You’ll also receive daily email reminders from Sunsama to help you stick with your planning habit.

Daily Kanban view

In my opinion, the Kanban view just makes your work easier when using a planning app.

Sunsama’s Daily Kanban view lets you see your tasks in a visual layout, making it easier for you to plan your day.

With this feature, all your activities appear as cards you can move across the screen.

sunsama kanban board

This setup helps you figure out how much work you have and organize tasks based on priority.

Through the calendar integration, you also get a clear view of meetings and appointments. 

Time management becomes an intuitive process rather than a chore, and you can simply drag task cards into your calendar slots.

Time Tracking based on Time Boxing

Sunsama is one of the best time boxing apps on the market.

Time tracking based on time boxing might just be what you need to get a grip on your workday.

Sunsama offers flexibility with three primary methods:

  • dragging and dropping tasks onto the calendar,
  • auto scheduling via a quick command,
  • utilizing the working session popout for more detailed adjustments.

Once a task is timeboxed, you can easily edit the planned time by resizing events on the calendar or through the task’s detailed view.

Sunsama lets you view daily and cumulative time totals for tasks, providing a comprehensive overview of your time allocation.

Additionally, managing and adjusting working sessions is straightforward.

 You can move sessions across days or remove them without deleting the task itself.

It’s like having a personal coach nudging you forward, ensuring you stay honest about where your time goes.

This isn’t only about managing time; it’s about mastering it for a balanced work-life rhythm that keeps burnout at bay while boosting productivity to a new level.

Focus and Pomodoro Mode

Sunsama also offers two interesting modes to improve your focus and overcome procrastination: the Focus Mode and the Pomodor Mode.

Focus mode in Sunsama is an innovative feature designed to help you maintain your concentration on tasks.

It utilizes a focus bar that remains visible outside of the main app interface. 

sunsama focus mode

This mode requires the Sunsama desktop app and can be activated by pressing F to focus on a specific task or Space to start the task timer, which triggers the focus bar.

You can manage tasks efficiently by using the focus bar’s controls to start, pause, or complete tasks.

That’s the best way to limit common time wasters, like browsing the internet.

Upon completion, you automatically transition to the next task. 

The focus bar can be repositioned conveniently and customized through global shortcuts and timer sound settings.

The Pomodoro mode is based on the Pomodoro technique; it means you work 25 minutes and you take 5 minutes break.

sunsama pomoro mode

It’s another effective way to improve your focus, so give it a try!


Sunsama excels in its robust integrations with popular productivity tools, making it a standout choice for efficient daily planning.

Users can seamlessly sync with Google and Outlook calendars, ensuring their schedules are always up-to-date.

Additionally, Sunsama integrates with major project management apps like Trello, Todoist, ClickUp, Asana, Notion, Github, and Jira, allowing tasks to be dragged directly into the daily plan.

The integration with Gmail and Outlook also transforms emails into manageable tasks.

These features collectively enable users to maintain a streamlined and cohesive workflow, enhancing overall productivity.

Here are the main Sunsama’s integrations:

sunsama integrations

Sunsama Pricing

Another thing I love about this planner app is its pricing model.

Sunsama doesn’t offer four or more different  subscription methods to confuse you, but only two different options:

  • a monthly subscription at $20 per month
  • a yearly subscription at $16 per month
sunsama pricing

The app provides a 14-day free trial without requiring a credit card, allowing users to fully experience its capabilities risk-free.

Is Sunsama worth the price?

In my opinion, yes, it does.

But of course, this is just my personal opinion.

Sunsama has the potential to improve your productivity and organization, but it’s not for everyone.

Sunsama’s price point can be interesting for individuals, but I think that this app is too limited for large teams.

The only way to understand if this tool is worth it or not.

Just try it!

As I told you, it offers a 14-day free trial, so you’ve nothing to lose.

Sunsama Alternatives

Sunsama is one of the best productivity tools, but there are some valid alternative tools.

As I explained before, Sunsama can be overwhelming or maybe just too expensive.

Here are my favorite alternatives to Sunsama:


Motion is the best option for busy freelancers, entrepreneurs, or large teams.

Thanks to AI capabilities, Motion can automatically schedule tasks based on workload, free time, meetings, and deadlines.

This app offers a 7-day free trial and two different pricing options for individuals and small teams.


If Sunsama shines for its integrations and the calendar app, Akiflow focuses on speed and efficiency, which are key productivity features.

It’s ideal for freelancers and professionals who need rapid task management and minimal app switching.

On the other hand, Sunsama offers a more comprehensive daily planning experience, integrating tasks, calendar events, and collaboration tools within a visually organized interface.


Known for its simplicity and effectiveness, Todoist will appeal if you want something straightforward yet powerful.

It lets you create tasks quickly, organize them into projects, and even delegate them to others easily.

It also offers powerful task management features such as natural language input and a user-friendly interface.

It’s perfect for individuals and teams needing an intuitive platform for capturing and organizing tasks quickly.

Each of these alternatives brings something unique, whether detailed planning capabilities or blending task management with habit tracking.

These productivity tools offer a free trial, so if you want to find the best one, you should try them.

After all, you’ve nothing to lose!

Final Verdict

Sunsama turns your chaotic day into a well-oiled machine.

In fact, Sunsama organizes your weekly and daily tasks and improves your productivity thanks to unique features like the Pomofocus mode, which is based on the timeboxing technique.

Sunsama offers a comprehensive solution for planning your day, tracking your productivity, and improving your routines.

Is it for everyone? No.

In my opinion, it is the best tool for freelancers and individuals, but not for teams.

If you think $20 per month is too much, just try it, and you’ll change your mind.

Remember, the ability to focus and be productive has no price!

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